Closet Case Files – Carolyn Pajamas


I’ve been on a Closet Case Files kick. I have loved there patterns for awhile, but hadn’t tried them until recently. For me they were like Pringles, once you pop you can’t stop. Seriously, all 90’s commercial references aside, I have sewn up three Closet Case Files patterns (The two others are Sallie and Nettie). Now that I’ve tried so many patterns I can say that I am a fan and let you in on a little secret…. I have a #girlcrush on Heather. If you’ve been hiding under a rock (or happen to be new to sewing blogs) do yourself a favor and check her blog out. As well as these podcast interviews from While She Naps and Seamwork.


Okay now for the pajamas. I am not big on pajamas. Often I wear nothing to bed (TMI?) and when I do lounge it’s in an oversized t-shirt and yoga pants. But the moment I saw the Carolyn Pajamas I new that this had to change. I loved these pajamas, especially the green silk pair that Heather wore in the promo photos (somedays I am going to make those). I had never made anything as complicated as the Carolyn Pajamas. I saw the fact that they would only be worn at home, or the occasional pajama party, made it easy to take the chance on more challenging techniques. I am so glad I did because it was fun to sew without pressure!


These are a size 14/12/14, which worked out nicely. Although I think that I might narrow the waist a bit more on the pants because they are a bit toe bunched up around the elastic for my taste and comfort. I found the Sallie Jumpsuit too long, using this information I took 2 inches off the pants before cutting my fabric. Besides these adjustments I made no changes and love the fit!


As I said earlier I used several new techniques in this pattern and found the directions fantastic. Heather offers advice throughout the whole process. This, along with my pipping foot, made sewing the pipping a breeze. I did get a bit tripped up when it came to sewing the collar, but the sew along on Closet Case Files was super helpful. The pictures were so clear!


I sewed this pattern using Anna Maria Horner’s Cocoon Collection linen. This fabric was some serious stash busting, it is one of the first pieces I ever bought. I had a lot of it because it was originally going to be a Colette Patterns Crepe Dress before I was sewing closures. I would love to make this pattern again and plan on stash busting the next pair too. I have a polka dot rayon and a baby blue voile that would both make great short sets for the summer. We shall see how soon I get around to it my sewing list is getting loooong….. Off to the sewing room!

I’ve decided to take little videos of my finished garments! What do you think?


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