RED Violet Dress and a Vintage Jacket


If there is one trend that has emerged in my sewing it’s that I can never sew a pattern just once. Sewing a pattern 2, 3, or even 4 times, with tweaks and hacks, seems to be more my style. So, in typical Sarah Kate Creations fashion here is another Bluegingerdoll Violet knit dress (you can see my other versions here and here). This version omits the bust gather and is made in a screaming red knit that I bought in NYC last spring.

This dress was made as part of my Jazzfest 2016 travel wardrobe and I wore it out on Friday night. I had matching red fuzzy glasses (so 90s) that I lost during the evenings adventures (so sad). The fabric is so bright at it reacted to many of the lights. I won’t be wearing this dress unless I am ready to stand out.

I don’t really have anything new to say about the construction of this garment. I lost a bit of weight so I whittled it in at the sides and while I was at it I took out a .5 inch swayback adjustment. I still think that it could use a bit more. Oh the joys of fitting, I’m always making little adjustments.


Seeing as I don’t have much to say about the dress I figured I’d show of my new vintage faux fur jacket that I bought at Decades of Fashion on Haight Street. A friend and I had gone to see Oscar De La Renta’s Retrospective at the De Young, but it was sold out, so we turned Haight Street into out museum and looked at all the vintage shops. Don’t worry, I made it to the exhibit the next, and final, weekend.

Anyways, back to the jacket, which I am in love with. I have always wanted a good leopard print coat, but find many of them to be cheap and tacky. This one is a very high quality and oh so soft. I am not sure of the designer as the label has been taken out. If you follow me on instagram (@sarahkatecreate) you will know that I enjoy wearing it while drinking champagne in my pajamas on Sundays.


I think that it is perfect with his dress and keeping hinting that I need to be taken out somewhere to wear it and go dancing. A jacket like this is needed in San Francisco no matter what the season and after working with faux fur myself (post coming soon….) I have decided that I will leave that mess (literally) up to the professionals.


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