Gabs and Sarah’s April Adventures with Special, Guest Sewing!


I haven’t been on here in a while, been busy living this crazy adventure called life. Not too busy to sew, just to busy to blog. Which means, dear readers, I have a  back log of garments to show you. Hoping for sunny days soon, as the dreary weather we are having on the northern California Coast makes for dreary photos. This means that, although I have nothing to show you today, I want to give you a little sneak peak into what is to come and why I have been missing from this little corner of the internet. So…..

marco stage

Ruining the finale at the Wonder Ballroom in Portland, Oregon. The mic scared me so much I forgot the words to David Bowie’s Heroes.

April was a big month for me and my love of live music. I spent the first week of April crashing Marco Benevento’s West Coast tour with my dear friend Gabby. Gabby and I first heard Marco when we were just young sprites cruising around summer festivals in high school. We have met him and his band several times over the years, but weren’t sure how well it would be received when we decided to follow them up the entire coast (from SF to Seattle), luckily they were total goofballs and we all ended up feeling like one big happy family.

With Mikeala Davis, the amazing harpist who was the opening act. Her music was enchanting and modern, a sweet treat. 

This is Marco’s performance at the Independent, take a listen while you read…

At the end of April I ran away with Gabby again, this time to New Orleans JazzFest for a week. My Nola experience does not include the day time festival, but dancing each night away at the many intimate clubs spread throughout New Orleans (mostly on Frenchmen Street, my favorite is the Blue Nile). When I landed I went straight to a show, met up with the crew from tour, and dove deep into dancing until sunrise, piles of food, and a sea of champagne and cocktails. It was glorious.

Now what does all this revelry have to do with sewing, you might ask? Well… I SEWED ALL MY CLOTHES, of course. This meant that March was spent holed up in my sewing room with my machine whirring away and my laptop blaring Project Runway All Stars and relevant live shows found on YouTube. It also meant there was a lot of scheming and planning about which patterns and fabric combinations would make the most rock and roll outfits.

Unfortunately, much of this planning went to waste as I lost an inch (maybe more) between sewing the clothes and JazzFest and it also rained. Like, so much rain that they cancelled the headliner (Stevie Wonder) on Saturday night. I did not plan for rain and the long flowing maxi skirts I sewed where not designed for wind and puddles. So essentially my clothes where either trapping me in their yardage, dragging in puddles, or literally falling off of me. So yeah, I wore what I could, but I’m going to tell you what I had planned.

I messed around with Closet Case Files Nettie, Carolyn, and Sallie. I made the Carolyn in a lovely linen with piping and everything because when you are sleeping on the bands hotel room floor you have to have cute pajamas. I was also really happy to be bathed in loose linen in all those stuffy hotel rooms. I made two previously blogged versions of the Sallie Jumpsuit, but added some fun beading to the shoulders on my black version. I messed around with the Nettie a lot. I made two crop tops and a floor length fringe dress (that didn’t get worn due to weather). I actually don’t think that I made regular version of the Nettie, but I know that I will be in the future, I love that pattern!

Sallie #1 and Sallie #2

I made a BRIGHT red Bluegingerdoll Violet dress without the gathering at the bust and I like it so much more. The red is so bright it reacts to the black lights!

I tried out two new (to me) Deer and Doe patterns the Fumeterre (which I paired with a crop top Nettie) and the Datura. I found both to be lovely patterns and see many more in the future. Both are unblogged so they will be popping up here in the coming weeks.

I also upcycled a lovely 60’s dress with a Hawaiian feel into a maxi skirt with a ton of hand beading added. It has hot pink hibiscus flowers on it with black pistons so I added some black swarovski crystals to make it extra special and shiny. I paired it with a black Nettie crop top for an almost 90’s feel. Unfortunately, this is one of the outfits that was much too large when I tried it on in the hotel room in Nola. It was supposed to be high waisted, but instead it fell to my hips. Oops, I guess I will be taking that in before this summer’s festivals.

I made a cropped version of the By Hand London Victoria Blazer in a red wool. This was too wear on the West Coast tour as generally New Orleans is too hot, but nature played a trick on me! It was eerily warm here on the coast and rainy and cold in New Orleans!

I also sewed several modified Colette Mabels and brought along all my trusty Seamwork Mesas and Violet knit dresses. Can never have too many options and my suitcase was full to the brim.

Sorry there is so few photos of my wardrobe. I promise that there are lots to come! Until then feel free to check out the Pinterest board I created if you are interested in seeing my inspiration and the inner workings of my planning mind.

I created a playlist on YouTube of some of the shows we went at JazzFest…. Enjoy.


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