Flashback to the 80s – Red Cropped Victoria Blazer


This is the By Hand London Victoria Blazer. I don’t have much to say about the construction of this jacket as I have made it twice before (only once has it made it to the blog). This was the easiest version for me to sew because I made it from a wool twill that pressed beautiful and felt as if it was made for this sewing pattern. I lined it with a black Bemberg fabric. Using this slippery fabric was the hardest part of construction, but well worth it as I think it elevates the whole piece. Besides challenging fabric choice this pattern makes a great first jacket pattern and is a wonderful place to get your feet wet when sewing with wool as well.

I am calling this The 80s Victoria because my husband always declares that I “look 80s” when I wear it, without relating it to the jacket, of course. He says he loves the jacket, but I’m not so sure. It doesn’t matter because I love it and am looking forward to wearing it in that fall. I’ll let the photos speak for themselves and you can tell me what you think….

BHL-Cropped-victoria-blazer-Sarah-Kate-Creations Cropped-Victoria-Blazer-By-Hand-London-Sarah-Kate-Creations Sarah-Kate-Creations-By-hand-London-Victoria-Blazer-Back-RED Sarah-Kate-Creations-By-Hand-London-Cropped-Victoria-Blazer

And here I am with my braid down my shirt and a creepy wanna-buy-a-watch pose. Golden.

So, what do you think? Is it 2016 does 1983 or is it just 1983?


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