Fringe Knit Dress – A Nettie Hack


This is my second Closet Case Files Nettie Hack. In fact, I have not made it in its true form yet. I want to make some t-shirts in the future and I am sure I will eventually make the dress, but I may never make the bodysuit. Although, the second I wrote that I thought of ten reasons I would wear a bodysuit, so, as always, never say never. Long story short, this is a well drafted versatile pattern and I love it.

I made this dress with dancing plans in mind. I live in the country, about two hours north of San Francisco  and live for the nights that I can head out to a show with a friend or my husband and dance the night away in a fun dress. This leads to lots of designing and sewing dancing dresses. My sketch book is full of more fun party dresses than I could ever sew, but this design really caught my eye. I love fringe, but this is my first piece. I still haven’t worn it out, but I hope to see more fringe in my future. It is so fun to move in! The short video at the end of this post shows how much I love moving in it.




This dress was an easy hack. I’m not sure you can even really call it a sewing hack, but it looks so different I decided that it was close enough. First, I lengthened the dress to maxi length. I made a straight line down from the hem of the dress at the side seam. After cutting the pattern I cut the fringe on the front and back pieces separately using my rotary cutter. To do this I made a horizontal line across the fabric where I wanted the hem to be. I then used my 6×24 inch ruler to cut clean lines with my rotary cutter every half inch. I sewed up the side seams and the rest is history (well not quite history as I haven’t worn it out yet).

Now that all the technical talk is over, you can tell me, honestly, is this an Ursula dress (from Little Mermaid)? Could I wear it to be Ursula for halloween? I’m hoping it’s fun and flirty, but can’t help, but see tentacles. Maybe that’s why I haven’t worn it yet. What do you think?


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