Neoprene Nettie Hack


Another one of my long over due posts on clothes sewn for my April Adventures. Hopefully I’ll have them all posted by next April. In the mean time my motto on this blog when deciding whether to post is better late than never, and I LOVE this outfit so here it goes…


You can see a little bit of the white from the inside of the top at the bust dart. I thought this was awful at first, but no one can tell. I bet you couldn’t until I pointed it out. Perfection in creation is in the eye of the beholder. Don’t let fear of perfection guide your creativity. Go make something.

This outfit set consist of the Nettie and Mabel both lightly hacked. You can read all about my high-waisted Mabel hack here. The Colette Pattern’s Mabel is one of my TNT. I adore it even more now that it is high-waisted. I’ve sewn up many more than have made it to the blog and I always have more in mind.


The Closet Case Files Nettie is a fantastic dress/body suit pattern that I immediately hacked into a crop top. I have three versions so far and I love it. To hack the pattern I followed Lauren’s guidelines, but found that it wasn’t quite short enough for me so I ended up simply cutting it at the lengthen shorten line and leaving it with a raw edge. I sewed this up without the sleeves (SO FAST) and tried it on expecting it to need some bust darts. It did. I could have probably fiddled with the armhole or a dartless FBA, but one of the fun things about working with neoprene and other stable knits is it’s so easy to fit on the fly. I simply turned it inside out, pinned out the bust darts, and sewed them up. Easy peasy.

This was my first time working with neoprene and I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I did some research which only made me more intimidated. Finally I decided to just go for it using a thicker universal needle, a longer lightening bolt stitch, and low heat when I was forced to press the seams. I also chose to do minimal finishings for ease and also because I thought the unfinished seams matched the look of the outfit.


This particular neoprene came from Joann’s and glows in the lights from the stage at shows. I love it. Another concern that I had about neoprene is that I thought it would be too hot. It is a bit warm because it is polyester, but the insulation that is used in neoprene for scuba suits is not in fashion neoprene. If you have been considering using neoprene do it. It drapes beautifully, sews easily, and washes well.

A little parting video of the ensemble in action. The music is by Marco Benevento and is from The Story of Fred Short.


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