Deer and Doe Datura


I fell in love with the Datura blouse the first moment I saw it. The second I fell in love, all those 4 (?) years ago, I convinced myself that it was far beyond my skill level. Not only that, but I convinced myself that it would look like a sack on me. I shouldn’t have let those little voices in my head called fear and ego guide me away from this great pattern. In case you are wondering this is a tear free project that won’t make you look like a sack. In fact you may even get compliments!


I made this shirt as part of my April shenanigans wardrobe. It came with me to New Orlean’s JazzFest and was a great top for dancing in warm clubs and I wore it on one of the few days it wasn’t raining or windy. I actually wore this exact outfit. I bought the shorts at an H&M in Berlin in 2012. This a traveling outfit, which I love. Many of my clothes are like that as I tend to shop more when traveling. The shoes are extremely comfortable Earthies, I can dance all night in these things.


After really looking at the shot I may try and raise the armpit a smidgen on my next version.

I wore this top on Thursday night of JazzFest. We started our evening on St. Claude St, which is just past Frenchmen St. We took a PediCab there which I think was an odd choice because it’s a bit of a trek, but I love the feel of the wind in my hair on humid nights. We went to Gene’s Po-Boys and got daiquiris the size of our heads. They were potent and I got a brain freeze trying to finish the thing (I failed) before heading into see ROAR and Justin Bieber’s Girlfriend (ROAR + Skerik) at the Hi-Ho Lounge. The Hi-Ho was awesome they had a patio in the back that served fries with sauce flights, my kind of place. After the show we headed to Maison on Frenchmen street and saw the 2am Fiya Powa show with Maceo Parker, George Porter Jr, Ivan Neville, and the secret start of the show Maurice Brown, among others. That show was amazing, but the Maison is not my fave (sorry Maison). It’s long, hot, and sweaty, and the bathrooms are by the front of the stage.


The fabric that I used is left over from a Colette Hazel dress that I made for JazzFest in 2014. I sewed a size 44/42/44. It changed the shape a bit to go down a size at the waist, but I think really helped stay away from the potato sack look. The bust measurement was a half inch smaller than my bust measurement. I decided that because it was drafted for a C-cup, and in the name of not looking like a sack, I would chose the size a half inch smaller than a half inch larger. I am glad I did I think the fit is spot on for a looser design.


I chose to sew view A with the cutouts because they are fun and the whole point of the pattern in my opinion. I left the buttons of the back. I think this makes it much more fun, it makes it something that I would wear dancing. I swear I didn’t just do it because I didn’t want to sew buttonholes…or did I? I get a lot of compliments on this specific aspect of the shirt and would do it again. My arms mostly keep the shirt in place, the only problem occurs if you hold your arms up and there is a gust of wind. Nothing too risqué has happened… yet.

The construction of this pattern was a bit like magic. It was one of those patterns that I had to just trust would turn out. I had never put a facing in before like this and truly the shoulders felt like magic. I used this tutorial from The Drapery to help me visual the process a bit better, but I still felt like I was jumping in head first into a black lagoon (a pretty one though with no alligators). The cutouts came together easier than I thought and turning them was a cinch. I outlined the seam allowance in chalk before sewing to use as a stitching guide. I do think that the binding that creates the neck opening could have been a bit tighter, it gapes a bit front and center. Oh well, there is always next time.

I will definitely be making this shirt again, it feels great, I get a ton of compliments on it, and it makes me feel like a bad ass seamstress when I make it. I have some hot pink fabric paired up with the psychedelic pink print for another in-your-face shirt for dancing. After that I think I’ll try another version in black with buttons down the back (Miss Mary Mack, Mack, Mack. She had buttons all down her back, back, back… have fun with that one being stuck in your head)

Have you made a Datura Blouse? I’d love to see. Please, leave a link to your blog post in the comments below so that I can check it out.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Joanne says:

    I love your Datura and I never would’ve thought to leave the back open like that. Like you said, great for dancing and probably hot summer days too!
    I’ve made two daturas but haven’t blogged them yet. If I remember, I’ll let you know when I do 🙂

    1. Thanks! I love the extra breeze!

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