Mabel Hack and a Cropped Bonnie Blouse


I’m not really sure that I can qualify this as a hack, but I did make alterations beyond my basic fitting adjustments. Maybe I can call it a mini hack? A baby hack? Either way I’m digging the result.

When I first bought the Mabel by Colette patterns during the fervor of its release I thought that it was a high waisted. I am not sure why as the models are obviously wearing it at hip height and it says nothing of a high waisted variation. Needless to say when I made my first Mabels I was a little shocked when the waistband didn’t hit my belly button. I still try to wear it up around my waist, not a cute look.


Long story short I’ve been meaning to give this pattern a high waisted hack for awhile. The straw on the camels back of inspiration came when I realized one of my favorite ponte mini skirts is essentially a mabel with an exposed zipper (not my favorite part) and an extra wide waistband. OMG! I could just widen the waistband of the mabel to get my highwaisted int skirt pattern. Could it be that simple. Yes, yes it can.

So. I widened the waistband by two inches, lengthen gin the side seams at a gentle angle. I kept the lining which I was worried might be too thick. I shouldn’t have been worried. It actually creates this nice little tummy stay/mild spanx effect. Very comfortable while keeping me feeling secure.


I also wanted this skirt to be a pencil skirt so I lengthened the skirt by another two inches and added the kick pleat from View B of the Mabel. Easy peasy lemon squeezey. Originally I had cut a size 8 at the waist and 10 at the hips. I kept this sizing the same as it still fits great.

I love the outcome of this simple hack and want to make more including a mini version that I can wear with fun leggings. I am still searching for my perfect leggings pattern…. sigh.

Sarah-Kate-Creations-Bonnie-and-The-Pink-Flower mabel-and-bonnie-flower-sarah-kate-creations

The blouse is the last little bit of my electric blue knit fabric that I got at Paron’s last year. I used the rest of it on a Mesa Dress and a Violet Dress. Ha, I just realized that both of those pattern companies are used in this post, well I guess I have my favorites.

There is not much to say about this pattern I have made it before and love it. Again, I feel that this is more of a blouse then a sweater, but I would love to get my hands on some wool knit to make a true sweater version, maybe next winter. Anyways, I did make the collar band a little tight on this version and I pulled a little on the sleeves as I sewed the hem, but I love this color so I will probably wear it anyways. I can always just say it is a style choice like I usually do.



4 Comments Add yours

  1. I love my Mabels, they seem to hit me on the right spot, but I really like the high-waist version.

    1. I think my Mabel hits at the right spot as well. Just wanted a high waisted version.

  2. Joanne says:

    What a cute outfit!I had the same issue with Mabel. I ended up leaving the waistband as-is and taking a small chunk out of the center back skirt and waistband.

    1. Seems like another quick fix.

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