Stash Busting Napkins and (Gluten Free) Cake

Sarah-Kate-Creations-Stash-Busting-NapkinsOver the last year or so (since I went to NYC last April) I have been really working on stash busting. My fabric stash was being unruly and practically jumping off of the Ikea shelves I use as to organize my fabrics (once called Expedit now Kallax). I realized that even though I had been working through my yardage my scrap pile was just continuously growing and taking up more and more space. I find it hard to keep my scraps compact because they don’t fold up into nice packages like my yardage does. I shove them into boxes until they are over flowing and then I just add another box. Finally I realized that the scraps were taking over my stash and something had to be done. DIY napkins to the rescue!


After sorting through my stash and throwing out two paper bags full of my smallest fabric scraps, I took the medium sized pieces and organized them by color and put them in zip locks for future quilting, I then took the largest scraps and turned them into handmade napkins. This eliminated two whole shelves/cubby holes, which I immediately filled with old UFOs and fabric that had been languishing around in boxes.


My three favorite DIY napkins, bacon, tattoos and Star Wars.

How did I do it? Easy. I ironed out the fabric found the grainline and cut out 15 inch squares. I then marked a half inch border around the fabric in chalk. Next I folded the fabric over to meet the line and pressed. I folded the fabric over again and pressed well with an iron. I stitched around the corners, and as easy as that, I had new napkins.


Coffee in my favorite mug and cake that my husband said, “tastes like a glazed doughnut.” This cake is made with almond meal and 6 eggs so it makes a great breakfast treat.

I have already used my handmade napkins several times. I love having them around, so much better than a paper towel to wipe your hands and face, or clean up after a small mess. My favorite time to use my new napkins is when eating cake!

I recently made this gluten free almond cake recipe for my grandmother’s birthday and then again a week later for Valentine’s Day my husband loved it so much. The recipe is gluten and diary free consisting of mostly eggs and almond meal. I make the cake as per the recipe (but I used pre ground almond meal) and glaze it in a citrus glaze. To make the glaze I mix fresh squeezed lemon and orange juice (but you could use just one or the other) with powdered sugar until the glaze is a thin paste, taste testing along the way to make sure it is just the right mix between sweet and tart. I then slowly pour this over the cake making sure that it covers every inch. This cake is great eaten the same day it is baked or left over for breakfast. YUM!




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  1. lindsymoran says:

    Napkins are such a great way to use cool fabric. The cake also sounds delicious. I recently started making crepes for breakfast and lemon juice and powder sugar are the perfect topping! Love it.

    1. The cake is so good and easy, and in a weird way kinda feels healthy. Like crepes with strawberries! I’ve been really enjoying my napkins. Just had to make sure I didn’t give my Grammy the naked lady one on her birthday.

      1. lindsymoran says:

        I bet she loves all the handmade things from you over the years.

      2. She does! She always says I’m like my Great-Grandmother. She was very crafty. My mom has fond memories.

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