Violet Dress Part Deux et Trois


This is my second and third version of this pattern. One was made several months ago and the other I sewed up the day I took the pictures. Can you tell which is which? I can’t which is a statement to high quality materials. The grey dress was finished months ago and worn regularly. It is made out some Italian knit fabric that I bought at Stonemountain and Daughter. The fabric sat in my stash for at least a year because at the time it was the most expensive piece I had ever bought. I am glad that a friend encouraged me to make this dress out of it. I had been planning on making leggings, but this is much better.


Oh my, I think I need a trim, look at that rats nest!

My love for Bluegingerdoll’s Violet Dress is well documented. I can’t stop raving about my Black Violet Dress. I have yet to try the flared skirt version of this pattern, but have decided that I prefer the mini skirt to the knee length because I live in leggings (which I also may have mentioned before). I love how there are so many options for this pattern and that each dress I’ve made has turned out so different.


This is the second item made with this lovely blue fabric from Paron’s. It seems to be never ending. Although I am beginning to worry that, although I love it, it may be construed as Smurf blue, is this a bad thing?

I managed to remember to make the alterations from my first version of this dress. I shortened the bodice of these two Violet Dresses by 1/4 inch which reduced the bagging I was getting around the waist. The elastic was keeping the seam at my waist, but the excess fabric was causing a bit of unattractive pooling. I also made the gathers a bit longer on these dresses. The gathering on the electric blue dress is the longest and most pronounced. I gathered it from 3 inches down to 1 inch and might have overdone it a bit. I will have to decide how I feel as I wear it.


When hemming these dresses I used Stitch Witchery and turned them under the recommended 5/8″ at the hem and a 1/2″ at the sleeves. I prefer to fold my hems under at a minimum of 5/8″ at the hem because I think it helps with turning. I lave tried sewing knit hems with and without Stitch Witchery and have decided that I prefer to use Stitch Witchery than nothing at all. Although the hem can be a bit stiff at first, it softens in the wash and is rarely wavy. How do you hem your knits?

These are some of my favorite dresses to wear dancing (with leggings, of course) as they are breathable, comfortable, and I feel confident in them. I think my husband likes them too. I would recommend this pattern to anyone looking for a fun dress, with sleek design lines, that is quick and easy to stitch up.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Pandora Cunningham says:

    Do you wear a slip under your knits? I always seem to have problems with my dress sticking to my leggings and riding up weird. I have to make this dress! Now that baby weight is gone it is top of my list.

    1. I do have that problem if I wear anything longer than a mini skirt. I’ve considered wearing a slip for other garments in the past, but haven’t yet.

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