Top 5 Sewing Goals 2016


Although I am following along with the Top 5 posts, you can see my Top 5 Hits and Misses already on the blog, I am going to deviate a little here. This post is about reflecting on my sewing goals of 2015 and publicly announcing my sewing goals for 2016 (nothing like a little pressure from the public). If you would like to hear about my personal goals you can visit my website

I must admit my sewing goals of 2015 were forgotten about half way through the year, but never the less I managed to finish a few of them. The sign of a good goal if you ask me, something you want so badly that it completes itself with little reminding or groaning on your part.

Sewing Goals of 2015

  1. Sew one garment a month and blog it (not necessarily in the same month). – Accomplished! This year has been the most active on my blog in the four years that I have been writing and my closet can attest to the fact that I’ve sewing. I wear me made almost every day now!
  2. Sew a bra.- Still have the kit, half sewn.
  3. Perfect patterns for casual garments to fill in RTW wardrobe gaps. – Accomplished! I now have the Mesa dress, the Violet dress, the Renfrew, and Ginger. The legging and pencil skirt saga continue. Why do the simplest thing have to be the hardest?
  4. Make a wool coat. – Accomplished! I made the Schnittchen Malu and have a couple more yards of wool waiting to be sewn up.
  5. Comment on more blogs. – I am still not as social as I would like to be in the sewing community, but I am much improved from last year. I even entered a sewing contest. So, I say this goal was Accomplished!
  6. Continue to work on becoming friendly with my camera as it relates to blogging. This includes basic photoshop skills, working the camera itself, and becoming comfortable in front of the lens. – I am really at the same place I was last year with this.
  7. Keep a sewing journal. – I thought about doing this occasionally, but I barely keep a sewing notes, let alone a journal.

Wow! I gave myself a long list of goals to accomplish last year. 4/7 is just about half and if I gave myself a reasonable amount of goals like the 5 Gillian suggests I would be at almost 100%.

Sewing Goals of 2016

  1. Keep a sewing journal using Fashionary- Track sewing ideas and finished projects.
  2. Finish my Watson Bra – I am sick of it sitting on my table.
  3. Sew Ginger Jeans – I hate RTW jeans. I really like wearing jeans. I’m hoping that by sewing my own jeans my love/hate relationship with just melt away to love.
  4. Conquer the buttonholer on my machine.
  5. Learn 3-5 professional finishing techniques.

I’ve decided to keep the list shorter and more manageable this year because it would feel good to finish all of them and I have a few harder projects this year. I feel like finishing my braw and making jeans would bring my sewing skills to the next level and would like to focus all of my energy there.

What are your sewing goals of 2016?


2 Comments Add yours

  1. lindsymoran says:

    You hit a lot of your goals last year. Way to go! I think by taking it light you’ll hit all your goals this years. That being said I think you have a lot of other things you want to do.

    1. Thanks! I feel really good about how my sewing has progressed over the year. It’s such a great motivator to have my sewing goals be public!

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