Top 5 2015 – Sewing Misses


I am posting my sewing misses on Christmas night because I am secretly hoping that they get lost in the shuffle. Even though I know it is important to represent real life on the internet I am not fond of waving my failures around for all to see, but maybe I just need to change my perspective, these aren’t sewing misses they are sewing lessons.

My Top 5 Sewing Lessons of 2015


Leggings – In 2015 I continued my search for the perfect legging pattern. I thought that I had a winner with the Manila Leggings in Seamwork Magazine, but after wearing them I have become unconvinced. For starters, I can’t handle the suffocating spandex fabric. The fit is also not quite right, too loose in the waist and tight in the leg. I also really want a crotch gusset. I think I am going to give Sewaholic’s Pacific Leggings a try next. Anyone have any luck with this pattern? I’d love to hear about it.

Bamboo Self Drafted Maxi Skirt – This never even made it to the blog and has been scrapped for many weeks, but here is the story. I made a self drafted maxi skirt pattern out of some medium weight cotton knit and loved it. I made the same pattern, with no changes, out of some slinky, turquoise, bamboo knit and it was much, much, too tight. I mean you could see everything. Of course my husband loved it, but luckily my girlfriends have more wisdom of what is street appropriate. Lesson learned: not every knit works for every pattern (duh).

Wardrobe Architect – Not so much a miss or a lesson, but a sewing journey left incomplete. Is it just me or did the wardrobe architect posts just kind of fizzle out to nothing? If they didn’t my following of the posts did. At the beginning of 2015 I was so psyched for a year of meaningful, useful, wardrobe development, which only kinda sorta happened in the form of falling in love with easy to wear knits.

Flutter sleeve Bonnie – Another project that didn’t make it to the blog and was only worn a handful of times around the house. Although I love the Bonnie the flutter sleeve version of this pattern just is a bit too sweet for me (although as I write this I am imaging a version with lace or sequins and thinking how fabulous that would be). Not only was the pattern a bit sweet, but I made it up in a pastel, it turned out so sweet it hurt my front teeth. And confession time, I stretched out the waistband so it was really just a hot mess.

Wait that is only four? This is the first year that I have had more hits than misses. a great feeling and a valuable lesson in sewing with freedom and withthout fear, Go America.


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