Sewing Top 5 – Hits


I love participating in Gillian’s, from Crafting A Rainbow, Sewing Top 5. I write a reflection post every year (see 2014, 2013), but Sewing Top 5 brings a sense of structure, which I crave, and a sense of community, which I thrive on. Way to go Gillian bringing the sewing community together for a moment of reflection and a big pat on the back for our triumphs, no matter how small. So, without further ado…

My Top 5 Hits of 2015!Black-Violet-1Bluegingerdoll Violet

I love this pattern. This is the only version that has made it to the blog so far, but I have made three all together. Hopefully the other two will be making it to the blog soon because they are both very different. This is by far my most worn me made dress of 2015.



This dress was my first post on the Monthly Stitch and my first dress to enter a contest and I won! That was fun. This is also a very fun dress to wear. Although I don’t wear it as much as my Violet dresses I feel really great when it is on. Now I have to sew up a winter version.


Butterfly Southport Dress

This dress is great because I feel naked when I wear it in a I-am-totally-clothed-and-modest-way. I also feel sexy-yet-modest. Is this making any sense? This means that it is the perfect thing to wear on a  summer’s day with a warm breeze. I wish it was better made because I could wear it every day in the summer. Unfortunately, it is delicate, so I have to hand wash it so realistically I only wear it once a month or so in the summer.



This sweater/shirt is a great wardrobe staple especially if you prefer high waisted skirts. I tend to wear this shirt over a black camisole which can peek through when I lift my arms, I kinda like it. I love this thing, but somehow have not made any more… I will have to remedy this in the coming year.



This was my first full size coat made with wool and everything. I love it and wear it often even though it may not be technically perfect. I love the floral lining, it makes me feel as if I have a secret and makes it great fun to take off. It works perfectly with the form fitting knits I tend to wear underneath it.

… And those are the hits of 2015 (said in deep, smooth, radio voice). We’ll be back shortly with all the misses that can fit on one blog….


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  1. gilliancrafts says:

    Aww, thank you! I’m glad you enjoy the Top 5 lists. I always have fun writing and reading them! All of your hits are lovely – you’ve got a nice balance of solids and bright prints!

    1. I don’t wear as many prints IRL, but I am glad my wardrobe represents some kind of balance.

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