5 Things to Listen to While Sewing Issue 2


The Seams Podcast – American Style at Versailles and the Short Fast Life of Luxury Fashion

This is a new-to-me podcast about fashion, sewing, and fashion history on NPR. I must admit that I love it listening to all 9 current episodes in a binge session over this past weekend. My favorite was the second episode the one that I have linked to here, American Style at Versailles and the Short Fast Life of Luxury Fashion. This gives a lovely over view of fashion since the 70s starting when America invaded (in terms of fashion) France at Versailles. The best part about the episode? The music!

Here’s The Thing with Alec Baldwin – Paul Simon

Apparently, Paul Simon doesn’t do a lot of interviews, and you can tell in this candid interview with Alec Baldwin. Baldwin interviews in a style that is designed to get to the heart of the person, asking them how they felt and why they do things, leading to a compelling interview, even if the tactic confuses Simon a little (you will have to listen).

The Crafty Planner Jenny Rushmore of Cashmerette

This interview with Jenny was fantastic, mostly because apparently Jenny is awesome (as if we didn’t know). She discusses the ethics of fashion and fast fashion, and also how creating your own clothes can improve your body image. I am passionate about both topics and although I didn’t agree with her on all points it was wonderful listening to such a clear, well formed, intelligent point of view. Could I gush anymore? Oh, yes, she has a great accent.

Dear Handmade Life – Competition

This is a great episode from one of my favorite creative business podcasts. This talks about competition, competition with yourself and competition with your fellow creators, if you run your own business. It talks a lot about the idea of getting inspired by your friends, and when inspiration is flattering or when it is really stealing.

Fresh Air – Jon Stewart

I started watching Jon Stewart my Junior year of high school 11 years ago. Even though I didn’t have cable or regular access to the internet I often found a way to watch The Daily Show either thru clips or crashing other people’s television time. Since high school I have remained an avid viewer and will sorely miss The Daily Show (even though it was only 4 days a week). Jon always had the best way of addressing issues that actually mattered to me with humor and, when needed, a serious tone. Thanks Jon for the years of honesty, humor, and a no fucks given attitude toward major media.


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