5 Things to Listen to While Sewing Issue 1

5-things-to-listen-to-while-sewing-issue-1I’m always listening to podcasts or music, in my car, while I clean the house, and especially while I sew. I already made a post with a round up of some of my favorite podcasts and after much thought I decided to make it my first Sarah Kate Creations series! My goal is to post a list of 5 things I have enjoyed listening to while I sew every other week. I could include podcasts, music, live concerts, or videos (that are just as good for listening as watching). They may be sewing related, I may just find them interesting, or they may center around a theme. I’d love if you left some of your favorite listens in the comments below.

Marco Benevento “Eagle Rock” – I’ve been listening to this a lot lately as it is one of my favorites, by a favorite. Also I saw him at the festival I was at over Fourth of July Weekend. A summery song for a great summer weekend.

Planet Money – Manufacturing The Song of the Summer – A 25 minute breakdown of how a pop song gets made. Spoiler: It’s all about the money, baby!

The Obama Podcast Interview – And just because I thought this was one of the best Obama interviews ever, I wanted to include his interview with Marc Maron. I don’t normally listen to Marc Maron, but I loved how candid Obama was in this podcast. I think that it is worth a share even though it was released back in June.

Life As A Lady Music Producer – Stuff Mom Never Told You interviewed, Sylvia Massy, a female music producer about her career and her experience as a woman in the industry. Sylvia is best known for producing Rock in the 90s. Her big break was the song “Three Little Pigs” by Green Jelly, which she talks about a lot in the video. I thought this was awesome and hilarious because I can remember this song from my wannabe grunge days when I was 13 (I say wannabe because I was almost a decade to late, but who am I kidding I still love me some early 90s grunge). So in stark contrast the the Marco song in the number one slot of my 5 Things To Listen To While Sewing Issue, I’ll leave you with this nostalgic, claymation, Green Jelly video.


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