Black Violet

Black-Violet-TitleThis picture perfectly captures how I feel about this dress.

This is a well worn dress finally making its way to the blog. I was hooked on Bluegingerdoll Patterns after I made my Navy Bonnie Sweater a few weeks ago. I had been trying to find an every day knit dress pattern that I liked for awhile. I had tried Colette’s Moneta and, surprisingly, I didn’t like it. Although, I have seen many, many versions I love it is just a little too twee for me. The black Violet dress fits great and is really comfortable. I feel chic, relaxed, and a touch elegant when I wear it.


I get a TON of compliments on this dress every time I wear it and very few people believe that I made it myself. I think this has to do with the details of the yoke and the fit of the dress.  I sewed a size 14 bust/hips and a 12 waist which fit perfectly. I have been wearing this dress every wash cycle since it has been made. I have already made another in the mini version and plan to check out Version C with the flared skirt next. Maybe in the electric blue cotton knit I got form Paron’s.



When Bluegingerdoll released the Violet I didn’t try it right away because I wasn’t sure about the yoke. I was looking for a simpler design. I shouldn’t have been worried. When done all in one fabric the yoke just gives the dress a subtle design feature. Now I am even excited about playing around with the yoke. Maybe a purple dress with a bright blue yoke, I just want to make sure that it doesn’t go into Star Trek territory. Not that there is anything wrong with that.


The construction on this dress is pretty straight forward. The yoke comes together simply and quickly like a perfect little puzzle. The knit band is drafted to the right length and easy to put on, but I still basted it on before finalizing the seam on my serger. This dress was sewn entirely on my serger, but I have been sewing knits on my regular machine lately and enjoying it.

The Violet calls for 1/4 inch elastic at the shoulders, waist, and to gather the bust. The elastic at the shoulders was uneventful. I slightly gathered the elastic at the waist for a snug fit. I think this really made the dress. The seam hits perfectly at my waist and stays there. Elastic is also used to gather the bust. It was an easy, effective, process. Although, it should be noted that the thread shows so it should match the fabric perfectly.


The stable knit black cotton was purchased from Fabrix in SF for $4 a yard, the last of several yards that I bought in the spring. The fabric is a lovely weight, but the dye wasn’t the best. I am considering redying it. The discounted fabric and the repeatability of the pattern makes this dress very economical. The whole thing cost me roughly $6 for fabric, elastic, and thread.  I love when sewing turns out to be the cheapest option, because it is always the best. Black-Violet-5

This is the face I make when my photo session is abruptly ended by the pungent smell of chicken manure from the coop next door and sulfur from the vineyard across the street. Yes, those beautiful wine country vines can stink!


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