Wardrobe Architect Challenge 2015 – March

wa-march-headerMarch was a fun month for me. I’ve heard that some people who sew don’t enjoy the planning and the hunt for the right fabric, but I’ve never met one. Personally, it’s one of my favorite parts, the beginning of a great adventure. I also love the end when you have the finished garment to show for your efforts. Anyways, I had fun this month and planned many, many, outfits using Polyvore. Probably much too many to sew. Although sew I must as part of the challenge for me is not buying from big box stores. Unfortunately, I already failed at that, but it was such a little simple thing. Read on to see if I should be excused from the personal sin of buying new ready to wear. I’m just going to jump into the garments because, like I said, there are a lot of them and they were fun to make. I used polyvore for the second time since last year when I made outfits for Wardrobe Architect. I love the site and may start using it for all sewing planning as a way to refine my Pinterest ideas.


Renfrew Tops
I bought the green fabric to make this over Black Friday. Time I sew it up for the Summer.
Sorbetto Blouse

I’ve wanted to make the Sorbetto forever. I actually started to make it out of a quilting cotton when I first began sewing. It was less than flattering. I want to try again out of appropriate weight fabric. I really like the one on the far left. The sneak-a-print look.

Solid Woven Top

I really want to make this. At first I wasn’t sure about the seam over the bust, but I have seen enough versions at this point to convince me that it is a good idea. I already have black fabric I could use for this and although I like the red collar I think the cutouts may be more my style.

Archer Shirt
The Archer is a sewing community favorite and I would love to give it a try, but think it may need a bit of fitting in the bust so I’ve been afraid and stayed away. I hate gaping buttons and usually refrain from button downs for this reason, so I would have to make sure that it fit perfectly. I already own this printed Chambray. I bought it at Fabric Outlet just about 2 years ago and have been thinking about making it some sort of button down since, either a shirt or a dress. I think it would make a fabulous Grainline Studio Archer.
Maxi Skirt
I’ve been wanting to make a knit maxi skirt for awhile and like the looks of this DIY pattern, although I must admit even this super simple amount of drafting is preventing me from just diving right into the project. I already have some black knit fabric that may get used for this, although I think that it would be great in a color. The fantastic thing about maxi skirts and California is that I can wear them into late fall.
pencil skirt
 I’ve made the Gertie Pencil Skirt before and would like to pump out a few more. I have the two printed bottom weight Joann’s fabrics above and would love to get these two skirts made assembly style. I would like to try the Amazing Fit pattern in a solid. I have a nice deep Navy that I plan on using.
Black Colette Ginger
I am loving my floral Ginger that I made for spring and would love to have one in my favorite neutral, black. I have a linen (possible poly blend) fabric that I think would make a nice Ginger. It is mid weight with a bit of fluid weight. I have had it in my stash for as long as I can remember and I would love to use it.
Denim Moss Skirt
I’ve been wanting to make the Moss skirt since the pattern came out and I finally bought the PDF over the holidays. I would love to make the classic jean skirt shown above, but plan on making a muslin first. I have some fabric in my stash that would make a great View B of this pattern, the one with a band at the bottom. Deep purple twill for the body and a bit of yellow and purple floral for the band at the bottom. Kinda cutesy for me, but I do like to be girly once in a while.

Oh my lovely Mabel. I want to make several more of these, especially since I decided that the ones I have need to be a touch longer and a little less snug. I also want another of View C seeing as how the first one I made is two black fabrics that aren’t quite the same color black. Not a great look. Since the Deer and Doe Brume skirt came out I have considered playing with that pattern rather than making the mabel again.

Espresso Leggings

I have had a half finished pair of black Espresso leggings in my WIP pile for about six months now. All I have to do is sew in the waistband. I think that means I don’t like sewing leggings. Even though they should be quick and simple, I couldn’t get this pattern to fit right. Which was frustrating, seeing as the pattern is drafted based on your measurements. So, this is my little sin. I bought a couple pairs of leggings at Target and will probably buy more. They are the only big box store purchases I have made this year, and I felt a little guilty, but only a little.


Violet Dress
I am super excited about starting this dress pattern. After the success of the bonnie blouse I want to dive right into this dress. I am hoping the fitting is a breeze as well. Have I said that I am not that great at fitting before? I would love the pencil skirt version of this in black. I think it would make a great, casual, LBD. I already have the black fabric too.
Maxi Dressees

I want to make both of the maxi dresses above. I was late to the maxi dress trend and want to make up for missed time. What do you think about the Mission Maxi in that purple mountain panel, I’ve thought that it would make a great one for a while now. I know that I don’t want to make this dress in black. I already have that lovely Anna Maria Horner rayon knit in my stash and am considering making an Anna out of it, but am a little worried about the large print. Has anyone else made a large print Anna they could link to in the comments? I would love to see how it turned out.

Fitted Knit Top/Dress
I’ve liked this pattern since it came out, so I finally bought it. I sewed up what was supposed to be a wearable muslin, but it was much too big so now I have to try again. I also discovered that I wasn’t sure happy with the facing. Does anyone know another way to finish the neckline? I am considering leaving it raw, but would appreciate a more polished look occasionally.
So what did I do after all this planning? I started an embroidery project! I am currently working on some pillow cases with Sublime Stitching’s hair series. I am stitching the beehive now. I promise to show you when I am all done. Even though I am a bit distracted now (I always embroider when life gets a little to hectic for sewing because I just want to sit on my couch during any downtime I have) I do have a bit of a game plan for making all these garments. I want to make the quick and easy knit patterns first. I then want to head into the garments I already have the pattern and fabric for. I think that will probably keep me busy through Me Made May (I want to participate in it for the first time this year) and my trip to NYC and, of course, MOOD.

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  1. lindamartha says:

    I love your selections here.Is the third one from the bottom a Blue Ginger Doll pattern? I’m working on their Winifred dress now and love the simplicity of the pattern yet the detail of the dress itself. This dress here looks like it might be good that way too.

  2. Yes it is! I already made this one up and I love it! It does have some nice line details I’m excited about playing with color blocking or a patterned yoke. I’d love to see how the Winifred turns out.

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