Navy Blue Bonnie Blouse


I want to start by saying I LOVE this pattern. It really makes me want to sew more Bluegingerdoll Patterns. Which is good because I own the Violet dress and the Betsy skirt patterns as well. I’m discovering that I really like to use patterns that cater to my bust size. I try to minimize fitting time as it is not my favorite part. Unfortunately, I don’t think that any of Bluegingerdoll’s most resent patterns are my style, but if I liked them all that may be unfortunate for a whole other set of reasons. Lately I have been having a hard time controlling myself when it comes to patterns.

Navy-Bonnie-7 Navy-Bonnie-4


This fabric wasn’t bought at any of my usual fabric stores (Joann’s,, and Stonemountain and Daughter in Berkely), but at one that will quickly be a new favorite. I don’t really hear a lot of people talk about it when discussing Bay Area fabric stores and I think that may be because it is not really a tourist spot, but more of a local jam. It is called Fabrix and it is in the Inner Richmond neighborhood near the park. This store scores remnants from garment manufacturers in LA as well as a couple other sources. Most fabrics are $3.99 a yard and are pilled high on shelves that line a long wall. There are a few speciatly fabrics for a bit more at the front of the store and a table full of polyester $.99 fabrics in the back. I got 4.5 yards of this cotton, navy blue, interlock, so you can look forward to seeing more of it in the future. I have been using it as muslin fabric to check out a couple of summer patterns. I also bought 3 yards of a similar knit, but in black, and 1.5 or 2 yards (I’ll have to check that) of super soft, short white fur for $12.99 a yard. I am really enjoying the quality of this kind and look forward to checking out Fabrix again.


This pattern is called a sweater, but I am not really so sure about that. I would call it a semi relaxed fit shirt/blouse. If you made it in a the right material it could make a light sweater over a camisole and I cans see myself wearing it this way in winter. I can also see myself making it in a light weight knit for summer. The knit I used is a little middle of the road and would be perfect for spring. Unfortunately, we skipped spring and went straight into summer. For the moment at least, I am still hoping for a little more rain out here in drought stricken California.


The fitting this top was a breeze. I started with a size 14 bust, graded in to a size 12 at the waist and then back out again to a size 14 hips. Those are the only adjustments I made. Ease peasy and I love the fit. It is a nice length hitting right at my true waist. It works well with Colette Pattern’s Mabel (pictured here) or Ginger Skirt. There is a small bit of gathering in the back at the band. The hardest part of this top for me was the neck band. I basted it in no less than five times before I got a neckline that I was happy with. I think that my fabric is a bit more stable than the pattern calls for which was causing the band to distort. Got it right in the end though 🙂

I sewed the whole thing up on my sewing machine. Even though I own and love my serger. I’ve been using my sewing machine for knits a lot lately. Mostly out of laziness as I have to rethread my overlocker.


Struggling with the Sun. Oh the things I do for this blog…


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