An Ode To Spring: A Linen Ginger Skirt


I’m working on building a TNT collection of basic skirt shapes, so far I have the Mabel, Gertie’s Pencil Skirt Pattern, and now the Colette Pattern’s Ginger. I held off on making the Ginger for a while (obviously, seeing as this pattern is years old) due to its high waisted skirt. When I was in high school waistbands were super low and I had always kinda related high waisted to old, i.e. the Mom pant. Turns out I like high waisted skirts! Does this mean I am getting “old”? Maybe. But it could also mean that I am finally figuring out what shapes truly flatter my body. Or simply that trends are changing. Either way I am happy I have discovered high waisted skirts (in an A-line or a Pencil Skirt) and am even considering high waisted jeans. That other Ginger pattern has been making bootays look pretty damn good.



I bought this amazing fabric at Joanns, a place that I know I should stay out of, but can’t seem to resist. Although this fabric is beautiful, I know that the quality is poor and therefore our time together is limited. I do really love the colors though, even the yellow-orange, two colors I don’t normally gravitate towards. The fabric was a joy to work with and drapes wonderfully. Everything you would expect out of a linen/cotton blend.


This is View B of the Ginger skirt, the version cut on the bias. I chose this version because I would like to make this skirt in a wool striped fabric that I own. I think it is too late in the year for that project, but look forward to picking it up in the fall. I hadn’t spent much time working on bias cut patterns. I believe my only other bias pattern is the Jasmine. There was a few challenges due to the bias cut. I initially put in a lapped zipper by machine, but it turned out wavy. I unpicked it, added stabilizer to the edge (duh) and resewed it by hand. My zipper now looks lovely, with no waves in sight. I am enjoying hand sewing my zippers more and more, but have yet to try the method on a full length zipper in a dress.

The other small problem that occurred due to the bias was a slightly wavy hem. I let the skirt hang overnight, evened out the hem, and finished it with bias binding. I guess I just didn’t do a good enough job because there is a spot in the back that dips down a bit. I am not sure that I will go back and fix this though, because nobody noticed it unless I point it out and forced them to stare at my hem. So instead of fixing it, I’ll just stop pointing it out 🙂


The fitting of this skirt was very simple. I just graded from a size 10 waist to a size 12 in the hips and made no other alterations. Easy peasy and why I just can’t stop making Colette Patterns.

I really enjoyed the ease of this skirt and plan on making it again. In fact I already have the fabric for a black one, which is part of my Wardrobe Architect plans, which I will reveal later this month.



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  1. Najah says:

    Lovely Ginger skirt! Yours makes me want to finally assemble the digital Ginger I downloaded in December. BTW, I’m a sucker for a pretty fabric at Joann’s too. They lure you in with pattern sales and next thing you know, you’re regrettably at the cutting counter.

    1. I know! That time a friend had given me a 30% off my entire coupon purchase. How I am I supposed to resist that!

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