Wardrobe Architect Challenge 2105 – February

Wardrobe Challenge February 2015

This month’s Wardrobe Architect Challenge was all about cleaning out your closet. Analyzing what was benefitting your overall wardrobe and what was dragging it down. I must admit, I kinda enjoy going through my closet and removing unwanted items. There were many times in my youth were I was forced to be detached from my belongings and really analyze what was important and necessary to me. Much of my early 20s was spent living out of a backpack/suitcase as I traveled the world and lived on friend’s couches when I was at home. Growing up I saw a lot of people with mild hoarding issues, mostly makers who fill their yards and there homes with possibilities, items that could be repurposed or dismantled to make something else. Pretty early on I realized that I like to live more simply. That sometimes all the stuff can prevent you from making any progress or seeing the items that truly are gold. My outlook towards stuff in general naturally makes it way into my closet.

This doesn’t mean that I have some perfect wardrobe, where everything has it’s place and nothing is redundant, stained, or imperfect in some way. I particularly enjoy keeping clothing that doesn’t fit, or is related to some sort of fantasy style that doesn’t really relate to my personality and true style (soooooo much lace). So, trust me when I say that I had plenty of stuff to get rid of. Unfortunately, I didn’t take pictures, but just visualize a huge pile of clothes (a medium sized moving box full) and three pairs of shoes.


My favorite clothes from my wardrobe. Sorry about all the wrinkles, but this is real life.

My relationship to stuff did make it easier to decide what to get rid of without too much emotional attachment to the items. I went through my clothes all in one day, against Kristen’s recommendation. To make sure I wasn’t getting rid of something that I would need later I have my clothes sitting in a box in the corner. So far I haven’t missed anything and am eagerly awaiting a clothing swap.

I loosely followed Kristen’s plan for filtering out unwanted clothing. The first pass was easiest and when I got rid of the most stuff (Is it stained? Do I know it doesn’t fit? Then into the pile it went). Then I picked out my wardrobe favorites, the best part of the process in my opinion. I was glad to see that my wardrobe favorites naturally made a somewhat cohesive looking wardrobe.


I didn’t really have a huge list of maybes, but at this point I did go through my closet and tried everything on, getting rid of items that no longer fit, but I hadn’t realized where a bit tight now (uh-oh). When going through for my second pass I compared many of my clothes to my favorite items. I asked myself things like, does the style match? What about the colors? Do I already having something similar in my favorites collection? Some items I wrote down on the worksheet provided by Kristen, but in most cases I just asked myself to rate the items, which was enough to realize what should stay or go. On a scale of 1-5 most of my clothes were either 5s or 1s so it was pretty easy to decide what went and what stayed.

The following photos are some of my favorite outfits, with elements I would like to pull into other outfits in my wardrobe.



The final step was to lay out all your items. I didn’t really find this necessary, and thought that it seemed like kind of a time consuming messy thing to do. I simply put my clothing away in my closet where it became pretty clear what my color pallate was. Lots of Jewel tones, with not many neutrals besides black.


Find out more about this skirt here.

Overall I really enjoyed this months activity and even put the same principles to test in my sewing room. After going through my closet I immediately went through my fabric stash and now have two grocery bags full and ready to go to our local crafting second hand store. Most of it was scraps and yardage that I bought when I first began to sew and would buy ANYTHING if it was a good price, whether I liked it or not. I am looking forward to next months challenge with bated breath.

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  1. lindsymoran says:

    That’s great! I love the chunky blue sweater, you look amazing in that photo.

    1. Thanks! The sweater is more a Burple color (you know, blue/purple). I was doing my best with indoor lighting.

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