My Sewing Room: Let’s Get Personal

As I sat down to write this post I realized that it was a bit personal. My sewing space is my little personal space in the world and it is dripping with my personality and reminders of the stories of my life. As I took photos I couldn’t bare to leave these details out. They seemed as integral to the space as the sewing tools themselves. Therefore, in order to talk about my sewing room I must get personal. I expect this post to get long, and I expect it to get candid. We will be walking through my small room at the front of my house in a circle from left to right.


This is the view from the door way. My ironing board is almost always out and my door always open. I have two large cork boards on the wall and my vanity is at the far end. My room only has one chair and it migrates from this space to my sewing machines. On that small shelf is some beauty accessories and my collection of party wigs.


I store my cutting mat on top of the vanity.


I have this photo of the bust of Marie Antoinette at Versailles on the wall above my vanity. I took the photo when I was 19 and studying in Paris. It’s orange because it was taken without flash in a poorly lit room and I feel because of this it has a bit of 70’s feel. The embroidery is from the table decorations at my wedding.The masquerade mask has no real significant, but adds to the decadence of the display. The trifecta reminds me of dressing up and decadence. A feeling I want to evoke while sitting at my vanity. My little shrine to the decadence of vanity.


When you stand at the doorway and look to the left this is what you would see. The large, dark, jewelry stand was bought at a thrift store just before christmas. Is is already full. Mostly with handmade jewelry,but there are some special pieces bought by my husband or myself.


Here is a close up. The expedite shelf and box of knits at the base is about half of my fabric. I am fasting until the end of May when I go to NYC. Hopefully the stash will be at least one box smaller by then. On top of the expedite shelf is more fabric, of course, but also a picture of my mother laughing. This photo is one of my favorite shots of her and was taken about 10 years ago.

My pegboard is obviously very important. I would recommend this method of storage to anyone. I absolutely love it, it was cheap and easy to put together. The thread holders where bought at Joann’s with coupons and hang using little round hooks which I bought at Home Depot where I also bought the pegboard itself. The magnetic strip holds all my scissor except for my Gingher scissors. I have had the “Cheer” sign that rests on top of the pegboard since the fourth grade. It was a prop for a play, the narrator held it up and the crowd would respond. I have kept it on my wall since then. Occasionally it reminds me to be happy.


Here is a slightly yellow picture of my sewing table. This is incredibly clean for this space. Normally it is covered in lint, old coffee cups, fabric scraps, pattern pieces, books, magazines, pins, wonder clips, scissors, pens, and anything else you could thing of. I do however like it best when it is clean and try to get it like this at least once a month. Nothing like a fresh start. I love the view from this space and acknowledge how lucky I am to have it every time I sit down at that wonderful, bright, space.

That old Heineken tin that hold my paintbrushes and props my lamp up in the center of the photo is from the brewery tour in Amsterdam. I got it there about 10 years ago, it came with a glass in it that I, amazingly, still have. It is full of foreign coins and memorabilia from my travels, along with paintbrushes, obviously.


This is the view from my serger. A small desk calendar with photos of vintage travel postcards from my local area. A basket, formerly used at my wedding, now used to hold patterns that I am excited to make next, or that I am currently making. To the left is a small tin pail, one of a pair bought at Ikea, full of tracing tools, measuring instruments, and wonder clips.


The view from my sewing machine. Besides the window I look a the card box from my wedding. It has been recently adorned with a Claypool Cellars sticker, my favorite wine and my favorite musician.


Inside the card box is… Another box! This Snapware box is full of machine feet, needles, and other accessories. I keep my pincushion in here as well as a large piece of paper with my measurements on it. The dachshund pen is a gift I can never seem to remember to give my grandmother, she collects Dachshund figurines. The flower glued in the corner is left over front he boxes former life as my wedding card box. I like them as a subtle reminder of such a special way.


Circling around almost back to the doorway is my small walk in closet and my other expedite shelf full of fabric (although I would like to point out that this shelf is one cell shorter). The closet is dark, but don’t worry I will give you a peak…


I love my little closet with it’s built-in shelves. It holds everything that used to surround my walls at my old house in boxes and shelves. It has boxes of old photos, scrapbooking supplies, lino cut carving and card making tools, stickers, and stacks and stacks of paper. A hangar full of misfit clothes, failed creations, or pieces waiting for mending or altering. Beading supplies, tape, tacks, and many, many forms of glue. Old purses and textiles bought in Guatemala, let’s see, what else. Muslin, and ten different types of interfacing, pillow forms, and quilting batting, tracing paper, and don’t forget the yardstick. Everything and anything crammed into this space, mostly, organized.


Finally as you leave the room you see a cluster of photos on top of my fabric shelf and eye level. One taken from the D’Orsay of of the Seine and the Lurve in 2006. Another taken in the Sahara from atop a camel in 2008. And two little glow in the dark rubber duckies. These were once part of a bathtub hat, yes a bathtub hat, made from a  wicker basket, blue cellophane and several small glow in the dark rubber duckies. It was lit from within the “tub” with a blue glow stick. I made the hat for a New Year’s Eve hat contest at a Les Claypool show in 2003.

That about covers it, no epiphanies as far as organization, but a view of a nice cozy room, where lots of creating happens. What does your sewing space look like? Have you blogged about it? If so please feel free to leave the link below, I’d love to see it!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. nishi says:

    How lovely your sewing room is! It looks so neat and tidy & I’m so impressed that everything has its own spot!

    1. I love being organized. Definitely a skill I have developed as an adult, with lots of help from my husband 🙂

  2. nothy lane says:

    Oh what a nice sewing room and you’re right, your sewing room is full of “you” and it is highly personal. I am slowly getting mine up and going …slowly.

    1. It is so nice to have your own space to sew that is always set up and ready to go. I am sure that by the time you finish setting up your’s it will be very personal too.

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