A Glance Back and a Look Forward

I’ve really been enjoying making a tradition out of writing down and publicly posting some New Year’s goals. I love this time of reflection and the feeling that the start of the year is a new beginning. A new year that will bring new challenges, triumphs, and many, many changes, while requiring, almost forcing you, to grow. When I do this again around this time next year I will be a different person, the Sarah of tomorrow. I will look back at this time of reflection as the moment when I decided who that person would be. These goals, hopes, and passions are not a checklist to judge myself against, but the small trail with which to guide myself during the coming year.

What I Did Last Year:

Completed my Pilates training – One of my goals and my biggest accomplishment of the year.

JazzFest – The best party I’ve ever been to. I love NOLA. A girlfriend and I ditched our other halves and danced the night away for seven straight days in a city that truly never sleeps.


Moved – Right in the middle of my Pilates training and my trip to NOLA. Very high stress, but well worth it. Our new home is beautiful and my sewing space is enviable (that’s right you should be jealous). Once again proves that the rockiest roads lead to the prettiest meadows.

The view from my sewing room via my failed attempt at Sewvember.

Started teaching Pilates – I began teaching private and group Pilates classes regularly. Teaching is fun and exciting and always keeps my on the edge of comfort.

Completed a blazer – I just did this, it probably won’t be blogged until next year, but still something new to add to my sewing repertoire in 2014.

Sewed my first hand picked lapped zipper – May be my new favorite way.

Instagram Proof

Gained a new sewing state of mind – This year something just clicked. I stopped being so afraid of failure, embraced it, and started producing so much more, with more confidence. I am hoping that I can stay in this mind frame through 2015. Embracing sewing with confidence and a “You Can Do It” state of mind.

Last Year’s Goals in Review:

1) I completed all of my Pilates modules except for one due to an injury. A module is an intensive weekend where exercises on specific apparatus, such as a reformer, are learned. I did this along with completely emerging myself in Pilates through my student hours at the studio and mentoring meetings. I would say that this is my biggest accomplishment of the year. It has been life changing and I am incredibly proud.


The classic Pilates Teaser

2) I started the year fully engaged in my photography class, but had to admit defeat halfway through the semester when the stress of moving, being in the middle of my modules, and spending 6 hours a week in photography class was just too much. Something had to give and it was photography. I did become acquainted with my camera during this time and got my hands on some great books that I occasionally reference.


The next several pictures are my attempt at photography class, mostly inspired by homework assignments. Enjoy my amateur art 🙂 

3) The Etsy shop just did not happen. And you know what? I am OK with that. I have become comfortable with the idea that I enjoy being a selfish sewist and want to keep sewing as a hobby. Of course there is still a voice in the back of my head whispering, “Maybe just a small shop…”

4) Pretty early on in the year I traded the Palmer/Pletsch fit workshop for my JazzFest trip. Best decision ever.

5) Basic photoshop skills and photography kind of ended up blending together. I learned just about the same for both.


6) I believe I sewed a garment a month except for a few months, but they certainly were not all blogged.

7) A blog post every two weeks obviously didn’t happen, oh well, something to work toward next year.

8) The weekly cleaning schedule was a huge success and my husband hardly ever has a reason to rag on me anymore. I’m such a good wifey 🙂

Goals for the New Year:


1) Sew one garment a month and blog it (not necessarily in the same month).

2) Sew a bra. I already have a kit, pattern, and two books. Now I just have to hope that I don’t procrastinate too long.

3) Perfect patterns for casual garments to fill in RTW wardrobe gaps. Right now I am working on Sewaholic’s Renfrew and Cake’s Espresso Leggings. I would also like to perfect a bra pattern and a cardigan. I already have the Mabel down as a go to skirt.

4) Make a wool coat. This includes becoming familiar with wool in general.

5) Comment on more blogs. I read lots of blogs, but rarely comment. If I want to be a part of the community I have to speak up!

6) Continue to work on becoming friendly with my camera as it relates to blogging. This includes basic photoshop skills, working the camera itself, and becoming comfortable in front of the lens.

7) Keep a sewing journal.



1) Pass my Balanced Body test for Pilates.

2) Make choices that create calm in my life and try not to overload yourself. Perhaps meditate.

3) Pilates 5x a week for at least 30 minutes. I see this as a requirement to passing the test and being a good instructor.

4) Run 2x a week for 30 minutes. I really need cardio.

5) Cook 2x a week.

6) Keep a Pilates Journal. Also part of studying and being the best teacher I can.



My Man and I enjoying some vintage wine in a vineyard for our one year anniversary.

Wow, that was a lot. Apparently I am quite ambitious 🙂


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  1. Gabriela Buchholz Athens! says:

    You’re such an inspiration! Love love love!

    1. Thank you! I always love to inspire!

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