Blue Jasmine

Blue-Jasmine-with-cardiganI bought the fabric at a local crafting thrift shop called The Legacy. I hope that everyone has access to a shop like this. It is jam packed with all kinds of sewing and crafting tidbits, including fabric by the pound, and is ran by a volunteer crew of mostly grannies, some knowledgable some not. Anyways, this particular piece of (what I believe is) voile was only $3.50 for about 2.5 yards. Score! I knew right away that it would be a sleeveless blue Jasmine Blouse by Colette Patterns.


My idea of print matching. Love this combo.

I have made this blouse once before, but didn’t match the fabric to the pattern quite right. I used a low quality, slightly itchy, linen blend. It was stiff and uncomfortable. The bow was the short version in a light weight voile that refused to lay flat due to the pull of the heavy linen. I also discovered that I didn’t really like that short bow in the first place, even if it did lay flat. This time a I sewed the version with the long bow, but left out the sleeves. I left out the sleeves for two reasons. First, I felt that they were a bit unflattering on me. Second, I live in Northern California where we dress in layers. No sleeves with a cardigan will be worn much more often then long sleeves that I can’t wear under a sweater. I am very happy with my decision. I think it looks great under most of my cardigans.


Untucked and without the cardigan.

Since I had such a problem with the collar of my first Jasmine laying flat I took extra care to make sure this one never popped up. I under stitched as the pattern suggests and then hand stitched the collar down. I couldn’t tell you what stitched I used, but it doesn’t show on the front and is very secure. Sorry I can’t be more helpful, I am very lackadaisical with my hand stitching and tend to just go for it. Although I do own some very good books for reference. The front and back seams are finished by turning them under and stitching, but I tired of this rather quickly and switched to running my seams through my overlocker. The sleeves and hem are finished by machine. Wow, I got a lot of different finishes in this shirt, maybe a little ADD sewing?


I got a little bubble in the front center seam. When I looked online, as I do before sewing a popular pattern, I saw that many people had that problem too. Not many people were able to get rid of it. I had this problem with my last Jasmine and have decided that the only solution is long ties to cover it up. Does anyone out there have a more elegant solution?

Blue-Jasmine-Back-ViewI hadn’t noticed that but of pulling until looking at these photos. Is it the way I am standing or do I need a broad shoulder adjustment? Next time I’ll take a peak into my trusty Fit For Real People and see what they say. In the mean time any suggestions?

All in all I am very happy with this blouse and have already worn it several times. It washes well and the color hasn’t faded at all. So glad for my local second-hand fabric store. Now if only I could get my ass down there to make a donation of my own.


Some of you may have noticed that incredibly hard to photograph black Mabel. I have made SO MANY of these. I love this pattern, it filled a huge gap in my wardrobe. I was so tired of going to Forever 21 for reasonable knit mini skirts. I usually wear these with leggings and boots. It was laundry day when I took these to no such luck on the leggings. I am still perfecting the Espresso leggings to fill that gap. Anywho, I may add a couple inches to my next Mabels, Because even though I have already sewn roughly five of them there will be many more in the future.



4 Comments Add yours

  1. The Ladiest says:

    Is the skirt a Colette pattern too? I need it!

  2. Laurie Strong says:

    So Cute! Love the no sleeves look.

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