Summer Peony

Summer Peony Front View

I made my muslin for the Peony ages ago. Back when I was still seeing my sewing teacher on the regular. I used a turquoise cotton poplin that I bought online. I loved the dress and wore it even though the fabric wasn’t my favorite. I FINALLY sewed myself another one.

Summer Peony Side View

I remember the fit on my muslin being difficult, which is why I took it to my sought out assistance. At the time I just thought hat it was my beginner’s learning curve, but after seeing many online since I have learned that the fit on this dress is a common issue. I have made it work for me and have long since forgotten all the time that it took to get there.


I sew with Colette patterns a lot because I love their vintage aesthetic with a modern twist, their goal of making it easy for beginning sewists, and because there sizing fits my body type. I don’t really like having to make too many fitting adjustments, so I tend to seek out patterns that fit my bust right out of the package. I recently ordered some Deer and Doe patterns (the Belladone and the Bluet) and am looking forward to sewing them up, but they are not high on my sewing list at the moment.



I was recently told that I have resting bored face. I think this is it. Or I am about to give you a good reprimanding.

Back to the dress. I love that it has functional pockets and wore it several wine tasting several times over the Summer. Although the fabric is thick it didn’t stick to my body and I was quite comfortable in 100F. The dress is made out of a lighter bottom weight which was originally intended to be a skirt. I am happy with my decision and have just enough scarps leftover to make a hand bag if I ever choose to.


Do you ever muslin projects and then take ages to make the “real” dress? How often does a muslin turn into a wearable muslin for you?



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