A Classic Baby Blanket


Even though I have been thinking and talking about fashion and what I like to wear I’ve been sewing quilts. I have sewn three quilt tops previously, but always had them finished professionally on a long arm machine. This time I really wanted to make the whole quilt myself from start to finish. A good friend of mine recently had a baby and I decided that it would be the perfect oppurtunity. Actually I had the fantasy that I would be making quilts for all my friend’s babies, but quickly realized that I needed a slightly simpler homesewn gift. Anybody have any good ideas? Anyways, I am working on one more, but needed to take a bit of a breather as I find quilts to be very consuming.


Playing around with my new camera and taking some photos of my cute bunny binding.


In Progress…

I think that part of the reason that it took me so long to finish this particular quilt is due to the fear factor. I found myself hesitating and doubting myself every step of the way because I had never done any of it before. In the end I am very pleased with the quilt, but I wish that I hadn’t been so afraid because I think that it would have been finished forever ago. Does fear ever keep you from working on a project?


The finished project.

I made this quilt using the Paris Flea Market charm pack in combination with a white Robert Kaufman Kona Cotton jelly roll. I wanted the blanket to have a classic look and be feminine without being over the top pink. I think I achieved that with a focus on more subdued colors.


Close-up of one the charm squares.


Adorable bunnies!!!! (or rabbits)

It took me a very long time to decide if I wanted to machine quilt the blanket or do it by hand. In the end I decided to quilt it by hand and I really think it helps the overall aesthetic, before I added the pop of color from the embroidery floss the blanket looked a bit white for a baby. I also hand stitched the binding so that it was invisible.


Half of my corners came out great, the other half are pointy. This is one of the nicer corners. I am sure it is one of those instances where practice makes perfect so I must try again. 


One of my sloppy pointy corners. Anybody have any advice or a good tutorial?

The quilt took so long that the little baby girl had already been born and named. This gave me the opportunity to add a bit of hand embroidery to a corner square. I love embroidery and am glad that I decided to add the pretty motif.


embriodered-heart-web-readyOverall I am quite pleased with this quilt, but am ready to sew some clothes again. Maybe a nice familiar TNT, Anna anyone?


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  1. lindsymoran says:

    So pretty! I love the embroidery.

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