Wardrobe Architect Part 3/4

I am a little behind in my Wardrobe Architect posts (okay a lot behind) so I have decided to do a post on week 3 (shapes) and week 4 (silhouettes) together.

Week 3 in the Wardrobe Architect series by Colette Patterns was all about defining our favorite shapes in clothing. Shapes are defined in terms of ease, length, waistline, necklines, etc. These terms were graded on a 0-10 scale to help define the shapes that you feel most comfortable in.

The first thing that I noticed after filling out the worksheet was that I prefer fitted shapes, I like to show of my curves and my hourglass waistline. I had very few 10s and they all leaned toward the fitted side. In ease my most loved category was “somewhat fitted,” 0s on the other hand dominated the “very loose” category. I prefer mid to knee length skirts dresses and shorts, but maxi skirts and dresses got a golden 10, this length of dress is a new found love of mine. The only way I ever go towards a mini length is with a nice thick pair of leggings. I also prefer lower necklines to a boatneck (rated 5) or turtleneck (0). I still can’t stand strapless and I find halter tops uncomfortable.

The waistline and sleeve length categories were a bit tricky for me to rate. I don’t have much experience with trying on different waistlines as far as skirts and pants go. I prefer to wear my skirts a bit higher than my pants, but I like my pants to be pretty low, but not plumber’s crack low. Dresses must be natural waistline or higher, no dropped waistlines for me, I am more of a 50s silhouette kind of girl than a 20s (although I find true fifties retro to be uncomfortable). Sleeve length was tricky for a much simpler reason, it really just depends on the weather.

Now I must admit that at first I wasn’t very excited about the defining shapes exercise, I wasn’t sure how much I really learned. It wasn’t until I used my shapes worksheet for my silhouettes outfits that I discovered how useful the project had been. But I am getting ahead of myself. Week 4 of the Wardrobe Architect was all about combining the shapes discussed in week 3 to create an outfit that has a silhouette that you are comfortable with and accents your body in the ways that you like. I used Polyvore for the first time to create these outfit collages, keeping my favorite shapes and silhouettes in mind as well as my 6 fashion words, chic, casual, comfortable, elegant, powerful, fun.

Tunic and leggings
This outfit is a great day to day for me, I am picturing the dress as mini or tunic length. It would look great with a nice big scarf.
Untitled #7
This outfit is obviously something that I would wear out dancing or to some fab party (lol). I like heels, but prefer chunkier styles to skinny stilletos. I love sequins (who doesn’t) and can’t resist the red and black combo.
Maxi dress and denim jacket
Okay this may be weird, but I never wore a Maxi dress until I made the Anna for my honeymoon and now I can’t wait to wear a hundred this summer. 
Untitled #6

This is a casual outfit with a touch of class. I love the pop of color.


Red converse

This is another casual outfit for the cool weather, something I could see going to school or running errands in. Again, love that red and black.

Have you been following along with the Wardrobe Architect? I’d love to see links to your outfits in the comments.


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