Wardrobe Architect Part 2

Looking back on my post last week I realized that I forgot to introduce the Wardrobe Architect or why it interested me, I just jumped right in. That must have been a little confusing for some of my readers so, I feel an introduction is due now. Better late then never, right (the procrastinators motto).

The Wardrobe Architect is a series of interactive posts presented by Colette patterns that help define the participants style. Each post ends with a worksheet and a discussion question for the discussion board, very scholarly. I decided to participate in this series because I felt like the definition of my style could use a little tightening up. A year or so ago I participated in the Wardrobe Code style program. It was really great program that made me think about and helped to define my style. It was my first time really examining my style and wardrobe so I decided to take this opportunity to have some fun and define my style further. So far the activities have been great and something that I really look forward too, I encourage you to give it a try.

Wardrobe Architect Worksheet 2

When you are wearing your favorite clothing, how do you feel?

confident, powerful, classy, elegant, put together, relaxed

When you’re wearing something that is not quite right, how do you feel? What are the feelings you want to avoid about the clothes you wear?

unconfident, small, scrutinized, sloppy, stained (clarification; I immediately feel sloppy and dirty if I find a stain on my clothes when I am wearing them)

Who do you consider to be your style icons? What is it about them that appeals to you?

I never really had style icons until I was asked to define them for the Wardrobe Code. I found that defining a small array of style icons was very helpful, especially when sewing/shopping. Now I can ask myself would my style icon buy/sew this, and it really is answering the question, will this fit in my wardrobe? Unfortunately, I have only recently started following fashion so my knowledge of icons to choose from is limited, so I really only have two, not three like I would like.

Debbie Harry

Deborah Harry because she is punk, but still super feminine. She has total attitude and you can see it in her clothes, but she still looks approachable. I like to refer to her punk look, but really she takes bits from multiple fashion and musical genres and puts them together in a way that feels like it was meant to be. Just like her music.

Miranda Kerr


My second style icon is Miranda Kerr. I love the way she wears a pencil skirt and her blazer and jeans ensemble. As I am writing this I realize that I really think I like Miranda Kerr because she blends work attire and casual wear for a chic look. I think the blend of this makes her look powerful, yet approachable. I think I am sensing a trend. I also like Miranda Kerr because she likes feminine dresses and lace.

What are some words that describe styles that you like in theory, but are not quite you?

Not a word, but I find myself attracted to clothing that is really high maintenance to maintain or wear. Sometimes when I try to strive for elegance I end up fussy and really what I am looking for is simple elegance, more French chic.

50’s retro and 60’s Boho Chic are styles that I gravitate towards, but don’t really work for me. Although I am realizing that a form hugging maxi dress looks wonderful on my and I believe fits my personal style.

Look over your answers from last week on history, philosophy, culture, community, activities, location, and body. List at least 15 words that you associate with your answers. 

Chic, tomboy, youth, quality, casual, classy, experimental, comfortable, warm weather, sexy, confident, country chic, thrifty, rocker chic, color, fun.

Look over the answers to all of the questions above. If you had to narrow your list to only 3-5 words to describe you, which words would you choose?

Chic, casual, comfortable, elegant, powerful, fun.

Okay you caught me, that was 6 words.

Collect 15-20 images that represent your answers from the worksheet.

I culled from my Style Board and Sewing Inspiration Boards on Pinterest for this part as well as searching Pinterest. I discovered that searching for “outfits” brought better, more realistic, results then looking under the Women’s Fashion heading. Anyways, here are a few of my favorite looks from my board. You can follow the link to my Wardrobe Architect Board for the rest of my looks. Feel free to poke around and follow me on Pinterest too.

simple outfit Wardrobe Code

I love the laze cardigan. This outfit looks very put together, simple, comfortable, and chic. Source


This look is a little more Debbie Harry. A funky T (mine would be a band T) an over shirt and some interesting pants. I would never wear red pants, but I love darker colored pants and subtle patterns. I ran into a lot of the over shirt/t shirt combo online that I liked and it really made me want to make an Archer, something I hadn’t before because I thought it wasn’t form fitting enough. I would also do this same look with a blazer or cardigan, depending on how I felt and what was clean. Source.


This is a classic everyday look for me and something that I really feel comfortable in. Although I would ditch the belt. I love the colors and it is very casual and comfortable. Source.


This look is a bit more fun. I love the adult, possibly men’s, t-shirt. The fun patterned pencil skirt in a jewel tone is right up my alley, but I don’t usually go for that high of a waist or weird tucks like that. Source.


This is casual, simple and fun. I would wear this with jeans or with some leggings (as long as it was more tunic length) and boots. I would love it in different colors or even some fun funky fabrics.

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  1. mari says:

    Very nice Sarah…it is so good to see the boards and realize that we all have our own sense of style :0) mari

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