A Skirt Full of Firsts for the New Year

Sarah Kate Creations

I am barely making my 2014 goal of posting to my blog every 2 weeks, but I think that I am in just under the mark. This skirt was actually cut before the holiday craziness and I only began to sew it up after the new year. This is a skirt of firsts, it is my first self drafted pattern and my first lined skirt. Although the skirt has some flaws, which I will talk about later, I am really proud of it because it required me to reach outside of my comfort zone and I think I ended up with a wearable garment.

Sarah Kate Creations self drafted A-line skirt

This is my first round of self shot photos that I am taking with my new camera. Of course, I chose to do it on the one day it has rained all winter.

I drafted this skirt using one of my many Craftsy courses, Design and Sew An A-Line Skirt with Deborah Moebes. I really enjoyed this class, the teacher was fun, personable, and forgiving. The camera work allowed me to see all the steps clearly. I would recommend this class to beginners who have never drafted a pattern before. Advanced sewists  may find this course a little basic, but Craftsy offers many other classes on pattern drafting and draping that may be more suitable. To take this class to the next level and to tempt myself with more skirt designs I also purchased the kindle version of Skirt-a-Day Sewing by Nicole Smith. I didn’t really use this book when making this particular skirt, but I found it inspiring and think that it accompanied this course well.

Sarah K ate Creations

Serious model face

Sorry that I don’t have any photos of my drafting process, they probably would have been taken with my iPhone anyways. You’ll just have to trust me when I say that I made a lot of muslins for this skirt, 4  I think, and altered each one several times. I feel that the result is a simple flattering skirt, but the waist line may be a little to low. Apparently I like to wear my jeans around my hips, but skirts just below my belly button. I also think that the skirt may have grown a little bit while it was kicking around my room. I really must stop cutting out projects so far in advance when I know I won’t have time to work on them. Silly habit. Anyways, I think that I may raise the waist and add a waistband to really get the skirt that I want.

Sarah Kate CreationsEven more serious model face

I lined the skirt with Bemberg lining, only my second time working with such a slippery fabric. I think that the lining turned out rather nice and it was a simpler process than I thought. I used this tutorial by Moonbeam to line the skirt. Instead of the waistband I used bias binding to finish the waist. This is my most commonly used method, but like I said earlier next time I think I will add a waistband.

The fabric for this skirt came from Gertie’s Etsy shop, Gertie in Roses. The shop is looking a little low at the moment, but may fill up again. She stocks a nice set of retro themed fabrics.

Sarah  Kate Creations

A not so flattering action shot of my back side. 

I had a bit of a problem with my invisible zipper. I got a little pucker at the bottom. This has happened to me before, so this time I did a little research. Turns out that I am probably stretching or distorting the fabric in some way. Next time I’ll be more careful to get everything lined up just right.

Overall I am very pleased with this skirt and look forward to perfecting the pattern and making another.

Sarah Kate Creations


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