Happy Holidays Everyone!


I know that the holidays are almost over, but these days between Christmas and New Year’s are some of my favorite this time of year. Everyone is fat, happy and relaxed, the holiday rush is over and there is a moment of content calm (and hopefully, fulfillment). Also, honestly, I am not really into surprises and am much happier when my presents are in my grubby little hands. This year we made the mistake of wrapping and displaying the gifts a week before Christmas and it was torture. There was a great big red box from my Superman staring me right in the face, FOR A WHOLE WEEK. Next year I will hide the presents away where they cannot taunt me.

So, what was in this bright red box? Well, I managed to save it until the very end, opening all my other wonderful gifts first, saving the best for last. I carefully unwrapped the paper, no, wait, I tore it off wildly, eager to end the suspense and get inside. Only to be met by the box our weekly CSA arrives in. After taking a moment to remember to breath I opened the cardboard box to reveal…

Canon Rebel SLR 1A Canon Rebel SLR1! photo source

This is my first DSLR camera and I am sooooooooo excited. I have already enrolled in a beginner photography class at the local junior college and bought the Craftsy class Shoot It! A Product Photography Primer. I am excited about my new camera because I have wanted one FOREVER (since high school) and because I think that learning about photography will take my blog to the next level. A major reason that my blogs are few and far between is that photo shoots are often less then fun for me. I am not very comfortable in front of the camera and not very photogenic in general which makes me a little self conscious. This makes me over critical of my photographer, my Superman, who just wants to take a few pictures (five max) and be done. I am hoping that by learning the ins and outs of my camera, in combination with a tripod and a remote, will allow me to take photos of myself, hundreds if I desire, for hours if I want. Yah! Also, sometimes simply investing in the equipment can be enough inspiration for me to up my skills. So, hopefully over the next couple of months my photography skills will become better and better and my posts will increase in number. YAH!

Now I don’t want you guys to get the idea that Christmas is just about presents in my family. It is also about, well, family, food, and the California outdoors (as in clear blue Christmas skies almost every year, sorry, not sorry). We ate our traditional German meal of various cold cuts, cheeses, and soup on Christmas Eve with my lovely Grandmother who is 91. She gave me some needlework that her mother had made, a very cherished gift. On Christmas day my immediate family crammed into my small house and had a large brunch complete with waffles, bacon, and sausage! We then headed to the beach, something that is becoming a yearly tradition, on what turned out to be a perfect sunny day. We flew balsa wood airplanes (a much loved yearly addition to our adult stockings) and I played with my new toy…

Laurie Strong and Jacob Clark Bodega Bay, Ca

Laurie Strong

Salmon Creek Beach Bodega Bay Ca







2 Comments Add yours

  1. Gabriela Buchholz Athens says:

    Holy cow! What fabulous pictures! So clear it feels like a looking glass into your lovely holiday fun times, way to go Superman,

  2. lindsymoran says:

    So cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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