The Honeymoon Anna Dress

In a previous post I had mentioned my plan to make an Anna Dress for my honeymoon. I am proud to say that I did it! It felt like a miracle to finish any sewing at the time. I actually hemmed it just a couple days before the wedding. These photos are taken around the grounds of our first hotel on our honeymoon, the Hotel Wailea.

Hotel wailea

This pattern was as great as everyone says, I can’t wait to make a shorter Fall version. It was quick and simple to sew up. I felt like they were talking to me, teaching me, which is not how I usually feel when reading directions. I sewed the maxi length with a V-neck and the thigh slit. A bit of sexy for the lucky man on the honeymoon.

The anna dress pattern by hand l

I felt really comfortable and sexy in this dress, score. The rayon challis that I used was great for the humid weather in Hawaii. I was a little worried that the slit in combination with the wind would make for some uncomfortable moments, but no problems there. The slit never lead to any revealing moments, but I did lower it by about 2 inches. Other alterations to this dress include adding a half inch to the shoulders in order to cover my bra straps. I cut 6 inches from the bottom, because this dress is made for an Amazon (I’m 5’6″). I also interfaced my facings adding some stability to the neckline and delicate fabric. I hand stitched the leg slit and sleeves, but Machine sewed the neckline and hem.

close up of anna dress

I decided to overlock the seams because rayon frays so much and I wanted nice clean edges. I don’t have any pictures of the guts for you guys though.

anna dress in the windHere is my best shot of the Anna Dress moving, it moves beautifully. This is in full wind and it remained modest. anna dress with KoiThere was waterfalls and koi fish all over the hotel which had a subtle Japanese theme. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to stay in Wailea without dealing with the large chain resorts on the beach.

hotel wailea poolAfter the exhaustive (hehe) photo shoot we hung out in one of the cabanas poolside. That’s my man swimming in the pool, I am more of a look at the pool and read kind of girl. We got the best cocktails at the pool bar. They were pina coladas made with fresh juiced pineapple and fresh coconut water. YUM!


5 Comments Add yours

  1. nishi says:

    I must have missed this post! What a beautiful dress! The neckline looks perfectly stable (I had trouble with mine…!) and you look very elegant indeed! It sounds like you had a fantastic honeymoon too! Hawaii looks beautiful and like a mountain version of where I live! Rayon is PERFECT for hot humid days! I wish I could find more in exciting prints like yours!

    1. Thanks! I am working on a more somber, dark green, fall/winter appropriate, Anna dress right now, but I have some more color planned for the future.

      1. nishi says:

        That sounds very cool! I can’t wait to see it! I’m sure it’ll look fantastic!

  2. powell2317 says:

    Stunning. What a perfect glamorous honeymoon dress.

    1. Thank You! I haven’t had a chance to wear it since, but am looking forward to pulling it out this summer!

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