Fabric Shopping in San Francisco

Yesterday I went fabric shopping with my mother in San Francisco. I have gone fabric shopping in the Bay Area before, but have mostly stuck to Stone Mountain and Daughter in Berkeley. I was super excited about this trip because, not only was I planning on discovering new stores but, this trip had a super special mission, I was hunting for wedding supplies! In case I have neglected to mention it before (which I am sure I have not) I am getting married in the fall in a beautiful outdoor ceremony in a vineyard. Of course, I am over the moon excited and have been focusing much of my energy on DIY projects for it (stationary post coming soon).

On this particular day we had three stops planned and the goal of finding lots and lots of white tulle and a variety of stable white laces. The tulle will be used to decorated the inside of the large dining tent that comes with our site. The lace will be used with embroidery hoops to do something like this from the oak trees in the lounge area.

Our first stop was in the Inner Richmond at Fabrix. Fabrix was a gem of a store with bolts and bolts of fabric piled around. The only organization being that the bolts were piled together by price, 3.99, 2.39, 0r .99 a yard and there was a silk section. The fabric was beautiful and, obviously, an unbeatable price, although I wouldn’t hit up this store for notions. Here’s my score from Fabrix:

Next we headed to Fabric Outlet another amazing spot deep in the Mission district. Fabric Outlet didn’t have such deep discounts, but everything was reasonably priced with an additional 25% off most items. They were also much more organized with fabrics organized by type and color. The remanent tables where great and I ended up getting some knit fabric for the Renfrew Top. This is the fabric we got at Fabric Outlet, along with 40 yards of tulle (yes 40).

My mother and I then drove down to Union Square and decided that it was time for cocktails at the Cheesecake Factory, not what I would call the culinary mecca of S.F, but it is very convenient for shopping on Union Square. After two cocktails and a late lunch we realized that Britex was closing in 40 minutes. We dashed over there and made it in the store with enough time to check out the notions floor. Britex is the crème de la crème of fabic store in the Bay area. It has so many beautiful, luxuries, fabrics there I could spend days and thousands of dollars in there. Unfortunately, what happens is that I go in and get very overwhelmed by the beautiful fabrics and become terrified to sew with anything that expensive. Luckily, when I was there previously they were having there semi annual sale and I bought some fabrics then.

When I had been there before I had not made it all the way to the third floor where they carry the notions so this trip turned into more of a recognizance mission for a future trip, which was fine, I think its better to by fabric when I haven’t been drinking anyways. I had heard that the notions floor was the best part of britex and I would have to agree, there was SO MUCH LACE TRIM!!! There was even a little bridal section, just for me, I’m sure. I had been considering making my own veil, but was intimidated by cutting it out, but they had premade veils just waiting to be decorated with all of there fabulous notions, pearls and rhinestones here I come. I think in a week or so my mother and I will be heading back to get materials for a veil and ring pillow.


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