First Attempt at Strawberry Jam and Canning

2 strawberries
Two strawberries waiting to become jam.

I have been meaning to learn how to can for awhile now, but have always been a little intimidated. I had heard it was hard and time consuming, but so are many good things so I was determined to try. I was drawn to canning despite the hard work because I wanted the satisfaction of making and preserving my own food. I like the tradition and the idea of knowing exactly how my food was made and what went into it. To make my jam I bought some certified organic strawberries from my friends farm, Bloomfield Farms. The only other ingredients required where sugar and lemon juice. I followed the clear directions (complete with illustrations!) from the book Put ‘Em Up by Sherrie Brooks Vinton. I would recommend this book to any food preserving enthusiast. Canning didn’t turn out to be as hard as I thought and I am excited to perfect my strawberry jam recipe.

strawberries in sugar
The strawberries had to sit in sugar overnight.
cooking strawberry jam
The first stages of cooking the jam.
loading the jars with strawberry jam
Filling the jars with strawberry jam.
processing the strawberry jam
Canning or processing the strawberry jam…almost done.
homemade strawberry jam
The final product. It may be a little runny and I may have a little fruit float, but I am proud of my first attempt and it tastes GOOD, so sweet, a little tangy, with the deep flavor of slowly cooked sugars.

After making my jam I had a few strawberries left over. I threw these remaining strawberries into some vodka and am now patiently waiting for the infusion to be complete. I’ll keep you posted on how it turns out.

Homemade strawberry vodka
My infused strawberry vodka after one day.

7 Comments Add yours

  1. So cool, looking to canning with you in the future. Maybe later this year we could do kimchi and sauerkraut… YUM!

    1. Lets! I want to do pickles and curried cauliflower!

      1. We are getting a few heads of broccoli, keeping my eye out for the Cauliflower. We are going to have literal tons of potatoes this year… I hope you are feeling tater-venturous when it comes time to pickle them!

  2. jake says:

    Very good sarah

  3. Alicia says:

    How is your vodka coming along? I’m infusing a strawberry rum. (and also made strawberry sauce and strawberry balsamic black pepper jam)

    1. It has a couple more days to go so I haven’t tasted it, but it has taken all the colors out of the strawberries and the vodka is now bright pink. Making fun creations rocks! (especially when it is also alcoholic)

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