Special Guest: Amigurumi By Ali!

Today we have our first guest maker Ali, I asked Ali if she would be interested in being a guest on my blog because I love her product and could never do anything like it myself.   Check out Ali’s store at Amigurumi by Ali. My favorite of Ali’s pieces is Matryashka Doll Amigurumi Medium Babushka.

Amigurumi by Ali

Ali of Ali By Amigurumi

My name is Ali and I’m from the San Francisco Bay Area. I am 23 years old and will be a graduate (as of May) from Humboldt State University with a BA in Liberal Studies Elementary Education. I live with my boyfriend of 7 years and my adorable cat in Humboldt County, CA.

1. What are amigurumi?

“Amigurumi” is the Japanese word for “crocheted stuffed animal”.  These stuffed animals tend to have a cute quality about them and can range from animals and monsters to anthropomorphic creatures like raviolis and trees.

2. Why did you start making amigurumi?

At a future teacher’s workshop that I attended at Humboldt State University, there was a display of handmade stuffed animals that a teacher made with their students.  The idea of making stuffed animals intrigued me so I did some online research and randomly came across “Amigurumi”. I had never seen a crocheted stuffed animal before but as soon as I did I knew I wanted to try to make them.

3. What is your favorite amigurumi to date?

Nathan the Monster Amigurumi

4. What/who are you inspired by?

I am inspired by everything; the world around me, love, nature, animals, music, books, other people’s creativity, my family and friends and all things cute.

5.  When did you learn to crochet?

I taught myself how to crochet in March, 2010.

6. What other crafty things do you enjoy?

I love photography, drawing, collaging and beadwork. I have taught myself the very basics of knitting and I am in the process of teaching myself how to sew with a sewing machine. My latest creative endeavor has been sculpting little polymer clay monsters with my nephews.

7. How do you make time to create?

I try to make creating one of my priorities and I manage my other leisure activities accordingly in order to have sufficient time to create. Instead of sitting and watching television in my spare time, I’d usually rather be crocheting.

8. Where can we find your products?

You can find my amigurumi creations online at Amigurumi By Ali and also at “The Flying Turtle” and “Occidental Video” in Occidental, Ca

9. When did you start your store?

I started my Etsy shop in January, 2011.

10. Any advice for new etsy sellers?

My best advice to anybody that is just starting out in the Etsy world is just to create as much as possible, all the while perfecting your skills and the quality of the items being made. I believe that there’s no better way to get your name out there and to begin making sales than to consistently add new, quality products to your shop.

11. Where do you see yourself and your craft in 5 years?

I want to try to sell my products at craft fairs so hopefully in 5 years from now I will have had at least a few craft fair adventures. I also aspire to publish my own book of crocheted amigurumi patterns and I would like to make an official Amigurumi by Ali website that is not affiliated with any other website (ie Etsy).


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