Thursday at Craftcation

Craftcation started out with a bang yesterday, even though it was only a half day. Yesterday only wet my appetite for what Craftcation will bring. I registered for the event this morning and received my awesome goodie bag full of fabulous stuff from Craftcation’s sponsors, including a plush monkey and some Uncle Sam Granola. After registration my family and I ( I am here with my mother and brother, Peter) went for a leisurely stroll that included window shopping and breakfast at Franky’s Café. By the time I got back to the hotel I was primed and ready for my first lecture/workshop of the day…

Etsy 1.0 with Steph Cortes (nerdJERK) and Danielle Maveal ( education leader)

This lecture was great and went over the basics of opening and running an Etsy shop.  We discussed basic brand stories, keywords and tags, and how to find more information on the cite, primarily in the Etsy Seller Handbook.

Helpul Hints:

  • Cutesy item names and weird uses of spaces and upper and lower case letters don’t get found as easily through search engines (ex. PuRsE or P U R S E).
  • Add links to your other related items in your Etsy description.
  • Get Personal – tell your fans about yourself through social media and ask them questions about what they think about your shop in return.
  • Join a team!
  • Go the Etsy Blog section and search: merch desk, this is where themes and trends are posted. Here is a link to the trends for March.
  • Customers are humans too and should be treated as such, Etsy is about personal connections.

WordPress 1.0 with Se Reed (web developer and consultant)

This lecture was fast paced and condensed with lots of techy lingo. I managed to get a lot out of it even though it was geared at the very beginning bloggers.

Helpful Hints:

  • 22% of all websites are built in WordPress, it’s for more then just blogs.
  • is for beginners who are willing to give up total control of their website and gives you more control of your site, but requires more knowledge. I use and don’t think I will switch anytime soon, both sites are free.
  • Plug ins are basically apps

Etsy 2.0 with Danielle Maveal (Again)

This class went just beyond Etsy 1.0 and in to some very unfamiliar territory for me. I must admit that I was a bit intimidated when I realized that I was sitting next to people with 3 years experience and over 800 sales, but hey, that could be me someday.

Helpful Hints:

  • Aim for a niche market, the top Etsy seller sells feather hair extensions and nothing else.
  • White is a trendy background for product photos.
  • What five words describe you? Try to incorporate this into your brand story which should permeate every level of your business.
  • Keep track of your shop stats and then start working on bringing up sales from low areas.
  • Explain why you made an item and why the buyer wants it in your description. What will they do with it?

After those three mind blowing classes I went and enjoyed some BBQ food and Sangria at the Craftcation mixer. All in all it was a fantastic first day and a great way to start Craftcation.

A quote to leave with from Etsy 2.0 – “Remember, your customer isn’t losing money when they buy from you, they’re gaining something they love. Big difference.  – Tara Getille



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  1. jake says:

    nice blog

  2. great tips in this blog. I especially like the quote at the end.

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