At Home Spa Day: DIY Facial

Since I was a child I have loved at home spa days, secretly breaking into my mom’s stash of masks and creams to pamper myself for the day. As I got older I realized that many of my favorite products could easily be made at home with simple ingredients. Now I don’t have to keep it secret and I can share my beauty products with everyone!   Pamper yourself and your skin on a lazy Sunday or any other day with this weekly facial routine.

Weekly Facial Routine – Besides washing your face the weekly facial is the most important part of a beauty regimen. Some people just slap a mask on their face and be done with it, but if this is all you do you are missing out on several vital steps that can greatly improve the effectiveness of your facial.

1)    Cleanse and blot dry, using your preferred cleanser.

2)    Gently exfoliate for about two minutes. Rinse and pat dry.

3)    Steam. See Blemish Blend recipe.

4)    Gently exfoliate while face is still wet. Rinse and pat dry. See Gentle Honey-Oatmeal Exfoliant recipe.

5)    Deep Cleanse – Apply a thin layer of mask. Rinse clean with cool water (if your water is very chlorinated or full of minerals use bottled water). See Deep Cleanse Mask Recipe.

6)    Cleanse and blot dry.

7)    Tone and Moisturize, using preferred toner and moisturizer.

Exfoliation – Exfoliation is a key, but delicate part to the Weekly Facial Routine. Many people tend to over exfoliate, which can cause a whole set of problems. The key is to exfoliate gently, but often. If your face begins to turn red you have gone too far. It is acceptable to use a damp washcloth to exfoliate with, but it can be harsh so be careful. In this circumstance I would suggest very gently using a damp washcloth for the first exfoliation and then moving on to the Gentle Honey-Oatmeal Exfoliant recipe. A special face brush sold at many drug stores can also be used for exfoliation.

Gentle Honey-Oatmeal Exfoliant:

Honey and oatmeal lightly moisturize with this gentle exfoliant that will leave you with radiant skin. Use yogurt on oily skin and buttermilk on dry or combination skin.

½ cup oatmeal

2 tablespoons honey

¼ cup plain yogurt or buttermilk.


Grind oatmeal in blender or food processor.

Combine wet ingredients and then add dry.

Gently rub skin in small counter clockwise circles.

Leave on skin for 2-3 minutes if desired.

Steam – A steam opens up your pores and allows for deep cleansing. It also adds a healthy glow through improved circulation. To do a steam, boil about 4 cups of water and pour it into a medium sized mixing bowl. You can just use water, but for a more effective steam dried herbs or essential oils can be added. Chamomile tea bags can be used, but for acne prone skin try the Blemish Blend recipe. To perform the steam sit with the bowl in front of you on a table and place a large bath towel over your head, creating a type of tent that traps in the steam. Steam your face for 10-20 minutes. Allow skin to air dry or pat dry with a towel.

Blemish Blend (makes enough for five steams):

Combine one handful each of lavender, yarrow, thyme, calendula blossoms, and lemon balm.

Use one handful of mixture for each steam (four cups of water).

Deep Cleanse Mask

The Green Clay in this mixture extracts from deep down in your pores. Kelp powder nourishes and supplies essential vitamins and minerals. Chamomile and honey calm redness and irritation while giving skin a healthy glow. See options for specific skin types.

1-2 tablespoons Green clay

1- 2 tablespoons Kelp powder

5 drops Chamomile essential oil

1 tablespoon Honey

1 tablespoon water

Optional for oily/acne prone skin:

5 drops Tea tree essential oil

Optional for mature or dry skin:

5 drops Rose essential oil

Rose water in place of regular water


Mix dry ingredients.

Add essential oils and honey.

Add water, mix well.

Apply to face neck and shoulders with fingers or a facial brush (like a paint brush, but softer).

Let sit until dry, about 10-15 minutes.

Recommended Reading:

Green Beauty Guide by Julie Gabriel

Jeanne Rose’s Kitchen Cosmetics: Using Herbs, Fruits, and Eatables in Natural Cosmetics by Jeanne Rose

Earthly Bodies and Heavenly Hair: Natural and Healthy Personal Care For Every Body by Dina Falconi

Ingredient Resources:

Starwest Botanicals

Simplers Botanical Company

Rosemary’s Garden

I hope to provide more at home spa recipes and tips in the weeks to come, including everything from hair rinses to lotions to blemish blasters. Until then please check out Sarah Kate Creations for block printed and beaded art.


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