Sauerkraut Party at Claypool Cellars

           I am a lover of live music. Ever since my freshman year of high school I have lived for the spontaneity and energy of a killer band. I love most music, from rock to jazz to hip-hop, but anyone who knows me could tell you that my favorite, above all else, is PRIMUS and their insane bassist/front man Les Claypool. Some may tell you that I am even a little obsessed, having seen Les Claypool play in two countries and nine states over just about a decade. I, however, say that I just love live music.

            I was rewarded for my loyalty when I won a raffle ticket to a private, authentic, Polish sauerkraut party with Les Claypool and some of his friends back in November at the Claypool Cellars wine opening. Over the holidays the event became very popular and was turned into a public party at the Claypool Cellars tasting room where I was a special guest. Being the special guest was awesome giving me free reign to have my first Primus ticket and a poster signed, get my picture taken with the man himself. Monika and Slavek (the Polish couple who made the Sauerkraut) helped me look the part with a crazy peacock feather and flower hat and a pageant style special guest sash. The special attention was great and so was the extra wine, I love the Purple Pachyderm Pinot, which is an excellent, easy drinking, jammy, wine. Thanks Claypool Cellars for making the evening unforgettable!

            After the shindig there was only one thing left to do…go see live music! So some friends and I headed down to the Forestville Club, a local dive bar that sometimes catches some good tunes, to see Mike Dillon and his band the Hairy Apes BMX. This band is definitely eclectic, combining Punk, Funk, and Jazz beats to create something entirely different. I first saw Mike Dillon play the vibraphone with Les Claypool back in 2003 so the evening’s music was fitting. The show was killer and I even caught a Garage A Trios tune, which is my personal favorite Mike D band. An epic way to end an epic evening.

Sarah and Les Claypool of Primus

Stoked to get my picture taken with Rock God Les Claypool at the Claypool Cellars tasting room.

Signed Primus Ticket

Les signed my ticket from my first Primus show at the Phoenix in Petaluma when I was 15.


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